Aquaman Is Now The King Of The DCEU

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Jason Momoa isn't just the king of Atlantis – it turns out that Arthur Curry's the new king of the DC Extended Universe. Aquaman's been winning it big at the box office, topping the charts week after week. Now in its third week in cinemas, James Wan's first DCEU film has become the franchise's top earner.

Raking in another $30.7 million over the weekend, Aquaman just brought in a total of $887.6 million (via Box Office Mojo ) – the largest that the DCEU's ever seen. Now, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice comes in second with its $873.6 million. Wonder Woman places third at $821.8 million, Suicide Squad comes in fourth with $746.8 million, and Man of Steel comes in fourth with its $668 million.

It's only been three weeks since its premiere, and now Aquaman's topping the DCEU. Industry analysts and insiders believe that the film could do even better, saying that Arthur Curry's standalone film could very well reach more than a billion by the end of the month. Now that the film's reached close to $900 million, a billion doesn't seem impossible at all.


This is pretty good news for Warner Brothers. The studio's been having some trouble finding its footing with the DCEU for the past few years. Outside of Wonder Woman, Warner Brothers hasn't had much of luck. Its last film, Justice League, not only tanked at the box office – it also suffered terrible reviews.

Aquaman, on the other hand, is having a great time with fans and critics calling the film a fun spectacle with scenes comparable to Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings.

Aquaman is currently screening in cinemas.

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