Aquaman Gets Edited Slightly For Kid-Friendly UK Rating

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Aquaman is looking to be one of the more successful DCEU movies, which is great when you consider the poor performance of the Justice League movie. Early impressions have claimed that we have a great superhero movie on our hands and that makes a lot us viewers happy. Hopefully, this movie will provide the same thrill that Arthur Curry's recent comics have been giving fans for the past few years.

However, it almost had a harsher rating in the UK, which might have lowered its box office success had things not changed. According to Digital Spy, Aquaman now has a 12A rating, which means that it can be seen by most, if not all, ages. Apparently, the decision was made to remove one bloody detail from the original cut, which will likely stay in other versions of the movie.

"The company was advised the film was likely to be classified 15 but that their preferred 12A classification could be achieved by removing bloody detail. When the film was submitted for formal classification the bloody detail had been removed and the film was classified 12A."

The film seems destined for a safe PG-13 rating like most of the recent superhero films, so the fact that the rating board in the UK told DC and Warner Bros. to adjust things is surprising. We won't know what this "bloody" detail will be until the movie comes out so that's going to be fairly interesting.

Whatever the case, it's easy to see why DC decided to do this since they want more people to see this movie. Aquaman has the opportunity to change the tide for the DCEU, pun fully intended, and the trailers have shown us a fairly solid superhero movie. Let's hope all of the good faith people have will result in positive reviews.

Aquaman comes out on December 21.

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