02 Feb 2018 12:55 PM +00:00

Aquaman: Director James Wan Teases Black Manta's Helmet

Aquaman is the latest DCEU film following last year's Justice League and will be coming out this December. While the general disappointment with Justice League has had fans wondering how the DCEU will proceed, there is some excitement with the Jason Momoa-starring superhero flick. Director James Wan amped up the excitement even more by teasing Black Manta and his iconic helmet, which straddles the line between epic and ridiculous.

On Twitter, Wan shared an image of actor Abdul-Mateen II who will be playing Black Manta, one of the film's villains. Though it's a live-action movie, the Tweet revealed that some of Manta's dialogue will be recorded in the studio due to the character's helmet. Mateen II even had some fun with the picture, using a trash can to tease the villain's helmet speak.

With Black Manta and Patrick Wilson's Ocean Master, it's clear that Aquaman is in for a big fight. Hopefully, the film also fleshes out the character's origin, which was originally planned for Justice League but was scrapped in the last minute.

Aquaman comes out on December 21.

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