01 Feb 2018 3:13 PM +00:00 UTC

Deadpool 2, Aquaman, and Venom to Sit Out Superbowl Sunday

With a million people tuning in every year for the Super Bowl, the event has almost become synonymous to some big movie reveals. With Lucasfilm's Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer being rumored to finally arrive this Sunday, it turns out that other big movies like Deadpool 2 and Aquaman, are going to hold off on the event.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fox, Warner Bros., and Sony are choosing to pass on running any Super Bowl spots this coming Feb. 4. WB and Sony are said to have held off due to a tactical decision, but Fox is said to be holding on to the Deadpool trailer so it can release alongside Marvel Studios' Black Panther.

Since Aquaman and Venom are still slated to come out later in the year, I can understand the studios not delivering a trailer yet, but with Deadpool coming out in a few months, they would have to start marketing for the movie soon.


As for confirmed trailers, so far we just have the preview for Mission Impossible: Fallout set for a release on Sunday. Fans are very hopeful that the Solo trailer will be released as well, but that's just wishful thinking on their part. Nothing official has been confirmed by Lucasfilm.

Super Bowl Sunday is on Feb. 4.

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