Aquaman 2 Star Patrick Wilson Impresses with Insane Training Video

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Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

DC fans are rejoicing as production officially began for Aquaman 2 last month and while we still know very little about the sequel titled Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, it's safe to assume that the stakes will be higher for Arthur Curry now that he's been hailed as the King of Atlantis. It also begs the question: now that Atlanna is back, does it mean that his two sons Arthur and Orm will finally be able to coexist?

Patrick Wilson is among the cast members who will be returning to Atlantis but his true involvement in the sequel still remains a mystery. The original Aquaman film revolved around the sibling rivalry between King Orm and Aquaman and it'll be interesting to see if Aquaman 2 will still portray him as the bitter and jealous villain.

One thing's for sure though, the Conjuring actor is putting in extra effort as he prepares to make his DC Extended Universe return. Taking to Instagram, Wilson shared an impressive video of him performing a 420-pound deadlift and he didn't only do it once, he did five repetitions which is absolutely insane. Check it out here:

King Orm in Aquaman.
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Credit: DC

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As crazy as it sounds, the Aquaman franchise has the most to prove in the DCEU. Because the first one did extremely well, all the pressure in the world is with the cast and crew to replicate the success of the original. I mean, I have complete faith in James Wan's vision and as long as Warner Bros. doesn't do its usual meddling, I'm positive things will turn out well for the Lost Kingdom.