Aquaman 2 Director Plays Coy on Batman's Rumored Cameo

Justice League
Credit: Warner Bros.

Justice League
Credit: Warner Bros.

There have been rumors for the last few years that Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom will feature a cameo appearance from Batman with insiders suggesting that it will be the Michael Keaton version since it was set after the events of The Flash.

When the film's release order was changed and was set to arrive in theaters months before The Flash at that time, the Caped Crusader's cameo was reshot with Ben Affleck filming a new scene in order to avoid continuity errors.

However, with the sequel experiencing another release date delay and is now slated after The Flash and Blue Beetle, some fans are starting to wonder whether Batman will still appear, especially with how The Flash ended which suggested that the DCEU's new Caped Crusader is neither Keaton nor Affleck.

Now, the director behind the film is finally addressing the rumor.

Is Batman Appearing in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom? James Wan Weighs In

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Credit: Warner Bros.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, director James Wan addressed the reports that Keaton and Affleck filmed a cameo scene for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

While he didn't directly reveal whether the two shot their respective cameos, he did highlight that the film won't be heavily connected with the other DCEU movies.

"The tricky thing early on was not knowing whether Aquaman would come out first or come out after [The Flash]. So, we just had to be prepared. At the end of the day, the best thing I would say about this movie is that it is not connected in any way to any of those films. That's the bottom line," Wan said.

When asked whether Batman is still part of the final cut of the film, Wan declined to give a definitive answer. He responded, "That's a 'no comment,' right now. You're going to have to wait for the movie to come out."

Based on how Wan responded to the question, there is a likelihood that Batman won't appear in the film at all and the cameos that they shot were only filmed back when the previous regime was managing the franchise when the DCEU was still in motion.

Now that the current iteration of the franchise is about to end, perhaps they decided to not feature the Batman cameo in order to avoid teasing another movie to the general audience and they could just focus on telling a singular story without any confusion.

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As Wan said, we will be able to find out the real answer once we see the entire film this holiday season.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is slated for release in theaters on December 20.

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