Ant-Man 3: Jonathan Majors Gets Honest About the Movie's Mixed Reception

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania became one of the lowest-rated MCU films to date in terms of critics' scores and its legs at the box office have been put into question as it had the biggest second-weekend drop in the franchise's history to date.

There is no doubt at this point that the reception is disappointing in terms of the MCU standards as the films in the franchise usually receive positive responses from both critics and the audience and this is a sign that the MCU is no longer invincible from massive criticisms.

Speaking recently with IndieWire (via The Direct), Jonathan Majors, who plays Kang the Conqueror, was asked about his reaction to the mixed reception that the film is getting where he noted that none of it has affected the way he sees his performance.

"Well, I can jump to the end: It doesn’t change how I see myself, period. And the middle of the sandwich is… It’s all data, it’s all data. I think about… I’m a performance within a story. One thing I will say to my team after we’re leaving a premiere if everyone’s reading reviews, I’ll say, ‘How’s the movie doing? How’s the movie doing? How’s the movie doing?,’" he said.

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"I try to clean my plate and take care of my part. And the response is: ‘You’re straight. You’re good. They like you.’ And then they tell me about the movie. And then, sometimes the movie is also on that level, and sometimes the movie [isn’t]."

The Emmy-nominated actor went on to point out how people will always "have an opinion" and shared that he questioned the aggregated score in comparison to the film's box office performance.

"So, I go, ‘Ok, cool…’ I look at the aggregate and, ‘Ok, cool, 47. Great…’ But what does that 47 mean when you also got this X amount of box office?… What do these things mean?," Majors noted. "In my opinion, it’s information, depending on who I’m talking to."

In his subsequent responses, the Quantumania star discussed how "art is inherently political" and how theater and art are "the sort of democracy." He also called the audiences and critics to understand the time investment into making the movies and the impact that the reviews have on them.

It sounds like Majors did not take the criticisms too personally for him and he is respecting the mixed responses that the film is getting even if he may disagree with them. Nevertheless, fans are still excited to see him continue playing the role in the upcoming MCU projects in the next couple of years.

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Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania is now showing in theaters. You can check more details about it here.

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