Another Valkyrie will Reportedly Make Her Way to the MCU

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Credit: Marvel Entertainment

While Tessa Thompson's Valkyrie was led to believe that she is the only one left after facing off against Hela, it looks like another one of these warriors have survived and will reportedly be introduced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe soon.

According to a recent report from MCU Cosmic, Marvel Studios is planning to use the character Mist sometime in the future. Given her connection with the God of Thunder, it looks like she'll likely be introduced in the Loki series or Thor: Love and Thunder.

Mist was created by Chris Claremont, Arthur Adams, and Terry Austin. She was introduced in the first issue of the New Mutants Special Edition which was released back in 1985. The character was close friends with New Mutants' Moonstar.

While it is unclear as to where the character will be introduced, since it is the Marvel universe, anything could happen. That being said, if it is confirmed that Mist will make her way to the MCU, it's likely that she'll be appearing in a project that's related to Thor. Perhaps, even a Valkyrie Disney+ series, but that is only wishful thinking for now.

Regardless of where the studio plans to use the character, Marvel fans would surely be ecstatic for Mist's debut and to learn more about the character.

Which Marvel project would you like to see Mist appear in? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Thor: Love and Thunder will be the next project related to the God of Thunder which is set for release on November 5, 2021.

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