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Another Rogue One Character is in Solo: A Star Wars Story

We've known for a while that Rogue One character Tam Posla can be found in the background of Solo: A Star Wars Story, but another character from RO actually makes it in the film in the form of a member of the Enfys Nest's Cloud Riders.

Reddit user u/ianhamilton confirms that Benthic Two Tubes is actually in the movie, thanks to a promo image of Enfys and her gang.

Though Benthic is wearing a hood and visor in the promo image, he's actually wearing the same tunic, and we also get to see his face in the final cut of the film.

In Rogue One, Benthic is a member of Saw Gerrera's partisans, and he works closely with his brother Edrio, both of them being called "Two Tubes." This actually gives us some cool backstory on Benthic and it's fun to see how his involvement with the Rebellion evolves into him joining Saw's forces.

Rest assured we should get some more reveals after the movie comes out. For now, all we can do is scrutinize promo materials for any clues on what else we could find in the film. Then again, we don't have to wait that long for Solo to release.

Catch Solo: A Star Wars Story in cinemas May 25.

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