A Rogue One Character can be Spotted in the Latest Solo: A Star Wars Story Trailer

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If Star Wars can be known for anything, it's the fact that they can present cool-looking characters that merely show up for a few seconds in the films. One character in Rogue One was lucky enough to actually be repeated for Solo, and he can be spotted in the latest trailer for the movie.

As per ScreenRant, Rogue One background character Tam Posla can be spotted in 0:59 of the new Solo trailer, behind Han. Check it out:

Here's a proper picture of Posla so you can compare:


Based on the expanded universe, Posla is actually a bounty hunter who can be spotted on Jedha. You can even see that his helmet has a targeting array pretty much like the one on Boba Fett's helmet. Besides Rogue One, Posla has appeared in the Doctor Aphra comics.

Though it's always cool to see new aliens in Star Wars, it's also nice to see some recurring faces just to give audiences the sense that everything is happening in one universe. With Han meeting Lando in a shady place, it would make sense that we would see bounty hunters and other smugglers. What are the chances that we'll get to see Boba Fett appear?

Catch Solo: A Star Wars Story when it hits theaters May 25.

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