10 Anime Like Sasaki and Miyano That You Should Start Watching

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Anime Like Sasaki and Miyano

While the anime may have ended, these anime like Sasaki and Miyano that you should start watching will keep you company due to their similar themes, elements, and vibes that will make you feel like you're still inside the world of Sasaki and Miyano.

While the anime leans toward the BL genre, the anime shows listed in these articles will not solely focus on that genre, as Sasaki and Miyano are more than that.

However, one thing is certain: Sasaki and Miyano's heartwarming story extends the soothing and calming feeling to the following anime shows. Without further ado, start watching these recommended shows!

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  1. Yuri on Ice

    When you think of Sasaki and Miyano, Yuri on Ice is probably the next show viewers will have on their minds. With amazingly dynamic chemistry between Yuri and Viktor, this tandem is one of the most sought-after and controversial partners in the anime community.

    Yuri on Ice follows aspiring skating professional Yuri Katsuki, who is on the verge of retiring from the sport until he meets with the former grand champion and living legend, Viktor Nikiforov.

    In a sudden twist of fate, Yuri finds himself engrossed in Viktor as the latter invites him to participate in ice skating competitions under his coaching and guidance. As both of them get closer together, they aim to compete in the Grand Prix Championship to steal the win.

  2. Kiss Him Not Me!

    Kiss Him Not Me has a similar premise to Sasaki and Miyano's in that one of the main characters is immersed in Boys Love materials such as anime, manga, and video games. While Miyano is a certified fudanshi (a boy who is into yaoi and BL in general), Kiss Him Not Me's Kae Serinuma is a fujoshi (girls who are fans of yaoi and reimagine actual boy-to-boy relationships).

    Kiss Him Not Me follows Kae Serinuma, an unnoticed otaku who becomes depressed after her favorite character, Shion, dies in the anime. As a result, she shuts herself away in her room to mourn Shion's untimely death in a week.

    Serinuma, on the other hand, astounds everyone with her transformation after losing a significant amount of weight when she emerges from her room. Meanwhile, at school, the new and improved Serinuma catches the attention of four different guys! While the guys want to hang out with her, Serinuma only wants to see a boy-to-boy interaction among them.

  3. Given

    Given is widely regarded as one of the most popular BL animes among fans of the genre. In different plot arcs, it tells the story of the band members' developing relationships.

    The first arc delves into the relationship between Ritsuka, the guitarist, and Mafuyu, an exceptionally talented singer. The anime delves into the developing relationship between drummer Akihiko and bassist Haruki in the second arc.

    Given relies on its storytelling, stellar animation, amazing voice acting, and overall music integrated into the show, making it a fun and soothing experience, just like Sasaki and Miyano, with a realistic take on the lives of the characters in the show as well as balanced execution of the anime sequences.

  4. Love Stage

    Love Stage is a BL anime similar to Sasaki and Miyano that is so enjoyable you will be able to lose track of time despite its simplicity and mediocrity. It has a cute story to boot as well as everyone's typical yaoi tropes. One of Love Stage's strong points is its ability to address difficult topics to discuss in public, which you won't find in most anime nowadays.

    Love Stage follows the blossoming romance of aspiring mangaka Izumi and Ichijou Ryoma. The latter falls madly in love with Izumi, and due to his feminine features, misidentifies him as a woman. With a huge responsibility on his shoulders as well as familial pressures, Izumi is torn between following his dreams and his family's footsteps.

  5. Bloom Into You

    Bloom Into You, unlike Sasaki and Miyano, is a Yuri anime. However, this is trivial because the former follows the story of same-sex relationships, as well as its dilemmas and struggles in life.

    Bloom Into You delves into the friendship of high school classmates Yuu Koito and Touko Nanami. While Yuu longs for a heart-tugging and fluttering romantic relationship based on her shoujo manga knowledge, she felt nothing when her kouhai confessed! Yuu, it appears, only understands love as a concept, not as a feeling.

    When she meets the charismatic student council president, Touko, who unexpectedly confesses to Yuu, everything changes. From this point forward, the two high school students embark on a journey of self-discovery in order to fully comprehend their situation.

  6. Adachi and Shimamura

    Another yuri anime, like Bloom Into You, has joined our list. Adachi and Shimamura follows Adachi and Shimamura's awkward yet amusing relationship, which began after the two unexpectedly met on the second floor of the school gym. As they began to hang out with each other, the two began to experience unrecognizable feelings of longing and happiness for another person.

    While the show moves at a glacial pace due to the two main characters' nervousness, awkwardness, and embarrassment, Adachi and Shimamura's story is endearing. It's a slow-burning show that will either make you want more or bore you with the progression of Adachi and Shimamura.

  7. Heaven’s Official Blessing

    Heaven's Official Blessing is a donghua, or Chinese anime, that combines the BL genre with fantasy, supernatural, and action. It is, in case you didn't know, one of the most successful Chinese anime series of all time, with a cult following that supports the franchise. With its spectacular storytelling, character development, and unique plot, this anime is an actual "blessing" for every BL fan, as fans used to say, minus the Chinese dubbing.

    The anime follows Xie Lian, a former deity and crown prince, as he ascends to heaven three times, becoming a laughingstock among the three realms. On his first mission, he meets the ruler of the Ghost Realm, who has been watching him for a long time. Having said that, Xie Lian returns to the mortal realm and meets the enigmatic but knowledgeable San Lang.

  8. Beryl and Sapphire

    Bery and Sapphire is another Chinese anime on the list. As the title suggests, the donghua follows the relationship of two odd individuals, Beryl and Sapphire, who are similar to Sasaki and Miyano. Aside from the BL genre, it combines action, drama, supernatural, slice-of-life, and sci-fi elements.

    The anime follows Sapphire, the blue-haired developer of Brunhild Technology, and Beryl, the green-haired Hyperion representative and technician. Beryl is an aloof and easily embarrassed boy, in contrast to Sapphire, who is mild-mannered. Will Beryl and Sapphire be able to coexist and work on their relationship in this episodic anime?

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  9. Doukyuusei

    Doukyuusei, also known as Classmates, is a beautiful BL anime film with stunning animations, a vibrant palette, amazing character development, and a melodramatic take on the BL genre. Doukyuusei is a definite must-see, with a very simple story that will leave anyone smiling for the rest of the day!

    Doukyuusei follows the developing relationship between Hikaru Kusakabe, a carefree and outgoing rock band member, and his honor student classmate Rihito Sajou, who has a hidden interest in music. Despite being polar opposites, the two bonds over their determination to perform flawlessly in their school's upcoming chorus festival.

  10. The Stranger by the Beach

    Another BL anime film, The Stranger by the Beach, tells a more realistic story about same-sex relationships and their difficulties. It is a wholesome BL anime film that steers clear of the genre's usual over-sexualization. The Stranger by the Beach is a very simple story that captivates viewers, whether they are fans or not, thanks to a very well-written narrative and a beautiful and vibrant art style.

    This anime film follows the chance meeting of Shun Hashimoto, an openly gay and aspiring Okinawan novelist, and orphaned high school student Mio Chibana by the sea. While the two hit it off right away, Mio needs to leave Shun behind and travel to the mainland. Mio returns to the seas of Okinawa in an established time skip, only to discover that Shin has been forever changed.

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