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Andrew Garfield Breaks Silence on Spider-Man: No Way Home's Oscar Best Picture Snub

This year's Oscar nominees were announced yesterday and one of the snubs that most people noticed is Spider-Man: No Way Home in Best Picture. While its chances of getting nominated for the top prize was a long shot, it was building momentum in the past few weeks especially since it was the film that saved the theatrical business and the highest-grossing film of the year. It was also one of the highest-rated films by the audience last year.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Andrew Garfield, who earned a Best Actor nomination for Tick, Tick... Boom!, commented on No Way Home missing out the Best Picture nomination. While he said that he is "not able to comment" on it, he did praise the people he worked with on the film and reiterated how much he loved it and how it kept the theatrical business alive with its box office results.

"I’m not able to comment on that, particularly. I really love that movie and I really love Amy [Pascal] and Jon Watts and Kevin [Feige] and, obviously Tom [Holland], and Zendaya and Jacob [Batalon] and Tobey [Maguire] and all the cast," Garfield said. "That movie has been a kind of juggernaut of proportions that I don’t think any of us really expected. I can only speak for myself and I just feel grateful to be a part of something that is keeping cinemas alive right now, keeping cinemas full, and helping in that regard and making sure that the live experience or the communal experience of going to the movies remains intact. It’s very, very cool to see audiences still deeply longing for the thing that I know that we’re all deeply longing for. I think Spider-Man is obviously one of those movies right now and that’s so cool, and I’m so, so grateful to be a part of that."

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While it might be disappointing that No Way Home didn't receive a Best Picture nomination, it still remains the biggest movie of 2021 thanks to its impressive box office records and the responses from the audience which just shows that it is still a beloved film no matter what. Also, it still received a nomination which is for Best Visual Effects so we can still call it an Oscar-nominated film.

The film was also late in the game when it comes to awards season as they only ramped their campaign a few weeks before the Oscar nomination voting period started so it's not really surprising that it didn't get a lot of nominations. If the film provided early screeners and campaigned earlier, it might have had a better shot similar to how Black Panther performed a few years ago. But in the end, the film is still a huge success without a Best Picture nomination so it's not really a big loss.

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Spider-Man: No Way Home is still showing in theaters everywhere.

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