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Andor Showrunner Promises Major Rogue One Connection in the Final Episode

As Andor is nearing the end of its first season run, a lot of fans are now also looking forward to seeing what they have in store for the second and final season, especially since it is expected to lead to the events of Rogue One more than ever. So how exactly will the final run tie into the 2016 film?

Speaking recently with Collider, Andor showrunner Tony Gilroy discussed their initial plans for the series to run for five seasons before settling with just two. He also teased what one of the final scenes of the series will look like and how it will lead and tie to the events that we already witnessed in Rogue One.

"We were going to do five in the beginning, but we were going to end in the same place. I knew what the first year was going to be - and I don't know how the hell we felt we were going to do five seasons of this - but I did know where we were going to end because we're going to end up with him and Rogue," he said.

"I mean, we have to walk into Rogue. I mean, everyone should know it's coming, man. The final scene, or next-to-final sequence, is Cassian walking across the tarmac to get in the ship with K2 and go to the Ring of Kafrene to go see Danny Mays."

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He further explained, "I mean, that's where we're going, so we know where we're going. So I knew that. The first year I knew exactly where we needed to go. And now we're just condensing. In the second half, we're saying, 'Okay, here's the four years in tranches of three using a lot of negative space, and using time as our friend - what happens to these people over time.'"

At this point, a lot of fans already expected that the series' final episode will lead to the events of the film since it is a prequel. However, nevertheless, it is still exciting to see how they will set up to that moment and see it all unfold in the full circle since we are familiar already with what their efforts in setting up the rebellion will lead to.

As Gilroy also hinted in his comment, it also sounds like it is all but confirmed that K-2SO will be part of the second season with possibly Alan Tudyk reprising the role. For now, let's wait and see what they have in store for the rest of the first season.

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