Andor Season 2 Showrunner Finished Star Wars Script Ahead of WGA Strike

The WGA (Writers Guild of America) has just confirmed that a writers’ strike is happening on Tuesday. With no writers working for Hollywood, what does this mean for the upcoming films and series?

Well, luckily for Star Wars fans, Andor Season 2’s final script was finished ahead of the WGA strike.

Recently, Screen Rant attended a FYC Emmy event for Andor, which included a Q&A panel with showrunner Tony Gilroy and some of the cast. Here’s what Gilroy has to say for Andor Season 2:

“Two days ago, not because of the strike, but because our thing rhymed with the strike, I finished the last script of the twenty-four.” Gilroy said.

He also shared: “We started three and a half years ago. It’ll be five years by the time we’re done to finish.”

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Andor Season 1 certainly brought a breath of fresh air to the franchise, considering that it had a more mature storyline introduced for Star Wars fans and is a prequel to its film, Rogue One.

Seeing as Gilroy confirmed that the script was not in any way rushed to get ahead of the WGA strike, it is safe to presume we can expect a great Andor Season 2 coming up on Disney+ soon.

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The WGA strike is already impacting the entertainment industry as writers join with their own picket signs to fight for their list of demands, most of which involve fair compensations and health-related benefits for their fellows.

While it remains to be seen how long the strike will last this time as compared to their previous event, at least Andor fans can sit back as production begins for the Star Wars series.

However, this doesn’t mean the other upcoming Star Wars films and series will rest with ease.

This could mean suffering from production delays until a new contract is established between the WGA and AMPTP.

As of now, Andor Season 2 has no official release date yet, but is expected to premiere in August 2024 on Disney+.

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