Andor: Diego Luna Admits 'There was No Need' for the Star Wars Series to Happen

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Credit: Lucasfilm

There was initial doubt from the Star Wars fandom whether or not Disney will be able to capitalize on the immense popularity of The Mandalorian but now, it's pretty safe to say that the House of Mouse has successfully expanded the Star Wars via Disney+ and the content keeps branching out.

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Credit: Lucasfilm

The streaming platform has been highly beneficial to Star Wars as it allowed Lucasfilm to stretch its storytelling through various shows. Now, fans await the arrival of the standalone Andor series which will see the return of Diego Luna six years after the release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Considering the 2016 hit remains one of the fandom's favorite "non-Skywalker saga" flicks, it was only natural that the spinoff show would get much fanfare. However, the Cassian Andor actor initially thought there was no need for it to happen.

Speaking with Den of Geek to promote the upcoming release of the show, Luna revealed his inhibitions about accepting the project, saying he went through several stages before coming to terms with the idea that it indeed needed to happen.

Luna shares: "I went through so many stages, different ones of thinking this wasn’t happening, there was no need for something like this. Then I went, ‘Oh, we have to do this. The whole team needs to know that they’re capable of pulling this off."

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He may have felt that it was unnecessary at first, but fans of Rogue One have been clamoring for a prequel all these years and I guess Diego realized how important it is to tell stories about the beloved characters we still don't know about. Here's to hoping it opens more doors for other characters' backstories to be explored.

Star Wars: Andor is set to premiere its first two episodes on Disney+ on August 31, 2022.