Ana de Armas' Rumored Marvel Role Debunked by New Report

One of the Spider-Verse projects that Sony is currently working on is the El Muerto movie starring Bad Bunny. However, despite the still-planned release of January next year, the project is still in development and it is nowhere near the production stage even if the supposed deadline is in less than a year.

Recently, a rumor started to emerge online that recently minted Oscar nominee Ana de Armas is in talks to join El Muerto for the female lead role although it was never confirmed by the major trades and Sony. Regardless, some fans were excited about the possibility of her being involved in a comic book movie.

Now, it looks like those hopes have been shot down as notable Twitter insider @bigscreenleaks claimed that the reports surrounding de Armas' casting in El Muerto are not true at all nor was she in talks to join the project.

"Lots of people keep asking me this and no, Ana De Armas is not involved with this project nor in talks for it." they tweeted.

The insider's claim was corroborated by TheWrap reporter Umberto Gonzalez, who responded to the tweet with, "Correct." He also shot down the rumor in another tweet when he responded to @MyTimeToShineH's scoop with, "Not true."

This should settle down the conversations online regarding the Blonde star's rumored involvement in the project as it now looks like that the actress won't be making her jump into the comic book world anytime soon.

With the lack of news and updates regarding the project, this is also a disappointment for some fans since this could have been the sign that the film is indeed happening and the hiring of someone of de Armas' caliber would have elevated the excitement even further.

Assuming that the film is still happening, we should be hearing more news and updates in the coming weeks or months, especially if they still intend to release it next year. It's also interesting to see which other cast members will they add aside from the Grammy-winning singer.

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El Muerto is slated for release in theaters on January 12, 2024.

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