05 Jul 2017 4:04 PM +00:00 UTC

Amy Pascal And Kevin Feige: Making Sense Of Venom’s Exclusion From The MCU

It's been a rollercoaster of confusing news, but it's been confirmed that Sony's Venom and Silver & Black spinoffs will NOT be taking place in the shared Marvel Cinematic Universe. A lot of fans are definitely disappointed, but it looks like Marvel and Sony are on the same page about everything.

In an interview with Fandango, Pascal explains:

"All the characters are a part of the Marvel comic book universe. They're all interrelated in that universe… Spider-Man is now a part of the MCU, as he was created to be in the beginning. The other things that Sony is doing, which are characters from the Marvel comic universe, are independent separate franchises, both Venom and Silver Sable and Black Cat."


She also emphasizes that Sony knows exactly what they are doing in making their separate franchise.

"I would say that I think we have to make people comfortable that we're clear on what we're doing… I'm also producing an animated version of Spider-Man with Phil [Lord] and Chris [Miller] and that's a whole other universe."

Kevin Feige then added:

"Nobody confuses Lego Batman and Batman v. Superman. And even Logan and Deadpool are definitively not MCU, but definitively awesome movies based on Marvel characters."

Sony is said to emphasize the separation between Spider-Man and Venom by making Venom R-rated, which is not a bad plan, but still wouldn't make sense when Venom's origins are so closely tied to Peter Parker. I mean, Peter is the reason why the black symbiote liked being "spider-themed" in the first place!

If worse comes to worse, I'm pretty sure Sony will just admit defeat and give up all their Spidey characters for Marvel to use. I mean, they still get to keep all of the profits, and all the fans would be happy. I don't see why Sony still insists on making its own separate franchises. Is it a pride thing?

Nevertheless, Sony is moving forward with their spinoffs. We'll just have to wait and see if Sony totally knew what they were doing, or if they should've just continued to let Marvel steer the ship.

Spider-Man: Homecoming comes out July 7 and Venom is set for a release on Oct. 5, 2018.

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