Amonkhet Remastered Reveals Black Magic: The Gathering Cards Coming to MTG Arena

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Official previews for Amonkhet Remastered continue to reveal cards coming to Magic: The Gathering Arena this week. In addition to some of the cards from 2017's Amonkhet and Hour of Devastation, Wizards of the Coast will also bring back a few cards not from those sets, and today, the Japanese outlet Dengeki Online has revealed the Black cards from Amonkhet Remastered, and they include two cards not originally printed in the Amonkhet and Hour of Devastation sets.

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Those two cards are Thoughtseize and Demonic Pact, and the Amonkhet Remastered version uses the Amonkhet Invocation art by James Ryman. The Sorcery discard spell originally printed in Lorwyn has been a staple in eternal Constructed formats.

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Credit: Wizards of the Coast


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Casting Cost - (B)
Target player reveals their hand. You choose a nonland card from it. That player discards that card. You lose 2 life.

Demonic Pact was originally printed in Magic Origins in 2015, and the Amonkhet Remastered version features new art by Manuel Castanon.

Demonic Pact

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At the beginning of your upkeep, choose one that hasn't been chosen —

• Demonic Pact deals 4 damage to any target and you gain 4 life.

• Target opponent discards two cards.

• Draw two cards.

• You lose the game.

And here's the list of Black cards coming to Amonkhet Remastered:

カード名 元の収録セット
《イフニルの魔神/Archfiend of Ifnir》Amonkhet(アモンケット)
《悪意のアムムト/Baleful Ammit》Amonkhet(アモンケット)
《枯死コウモリ/Blighted Bat》Amonkhet(アモンケット)
《ホネツツキ/Bone Picker》Amonkhet(アモンケット)
《栄光の神バントゥ/Bontu the Glorified》Amonkhet(アモンケット)
《バントゥ最後の算段/Bontu's Last Reckoning》Hour of Devastation(破滅の刻)
《野望のカルトーシュ/Cartouche of Ambition》Amonkhet(アモンケット)
《残酷な現実/Cruel Reality》Amonkhet(アモンケット)
《悪魔の契約/Demonic Pact》Magic Origins(マジック・オリジン)
《悪運尽きた造反者/Doomed Dissenter》Amonkhet(アモンケット)
《大災厄/Doomfall》Hour of Devastation(破滅の刻)
《戦慄の放浪者/Dread Wanderer》Amonkhet(アモンケット)
《砂丘甲虫/Dune Beetle》Amonkhet(アモンケット)
《ただれたミイラ/Festering Mummy》Amonkhet(アモンケット)
《最後の報賞/Final Reward》Amonkhet(アモンケット)
《遺棄地の恐怖/Horror of the Broken Lands》Amonkhet(アモンケット)
《ケンラの永遠衆/Khenra Eternal》Hour of Devastation(破滅の刻)
《致死の一刺し/Lethal Sting》Hour of Devastation(破滅の刻)
《死の権威、リリアナ/Liliana, Death's Majesty》Amonkhet(アモンケット)
《リリアナの敗北/Liliana's Defeat》Hour of Devastation(破滅の刻)
《リリアナの支配/Liliana's Mastery》Amonkhet(アモンケット)
《呪われた者の王/Lord of the Accursed》Amonkhet(アモンケット)
《無法の斬骨鬼/Marauding Boneslasher》Hour of Devastation(破滅の刻)
《瘴気ミイラ/Miasmic Mummy》Amonkhet(アモンケット)
《スカラベの巣/Nest of Scarabs》Amonkhet(アモンケット)
《冷酷な侍臣/Pitiless Vizier》Amonkhet(アモンケット)
《穢れた血、ラザケシュ/Razaketh, the Foulblooded》Hour of Devastation(破滅の刻)
《無情な狙撃手/Ruthless Sniper》Amonkhet(アモンケット)
《スカラベの饗宴/Scarab Feast》Amonkhet(アモンケット)
《葬送の影/Shadow of the Grave》Amonkhet(アモンケット)
《華麗な苦悶/Splendid Agony》Amonkhet(アモンケット)
《超常的耐久力/Supernatural Stamina》Amonkhet(アモンケット)
《霰炎の責め苦/Torment of Hailfire》Hour of Devastation(破滅の刻)
《侵入者への呪い/Trespasser's Curse》Amonkhet(アモンケット)
《野望の試練/Trial of Ambition》Amonkhet(アモンケット)
《不快の顕現/Vile Manifestation》Hour of Devastation(破滅の刻)
《死後の放浪/Wander in Death》Amonkhet(アモンケット)
《苦々しい結末の蜂/Wasp of the Bitter End》Hour of Devastation(破滅の刻)
《不毛地の蠍/Wasteland Scorpion》Amonkhet(アモンケット)

Earlier today, we saw the Blue cards from the set; and yesterday, we saw the official previews for the Green cards and White cards.


You can check out the leaked list of cards from Amonkhet Remastered here.

Amonkhet Remastered Premier Draft events will be available August 13-September 17; Sealed: Aug.13-Aug. 21.

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