American Gods: Neil Gaiman Teases On Gillian Anderson Possibly Returning As Media

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The second season of American Gods is set for some major changes. Most notably, the chameleon-like Media will no longer be played by Gillian Anderson. But is there a chance that we'll see the X-Files star reprise her role in the Starz series? Neil Gaiman hinted at the possibility that we haven't seen the last of Anderson's New God.

Gaiman recently spoke to Nerdist about American Gods Season 2 and how it will be different from the first season. Interestingly, the Good Omens co-author shared how he came up with the concept of an ever-changing Media and why it was deemed necessary to bring in a new actress (Kahyun Kim) into the role.

"One of the things I got right in the book was the idea that on the one hand, the new gods are much more powerful than the old gods, but they're also scared because they know they don't last for very long," Gaiman said. "The Train Gods came, and the Train Gods are gone... The Telephone Gods came, and now nobody uses a landline. And when I wrote the book, television was still a thing. You would sit down in front of a television, which was a big, very heavy box that took up valuable real estate in wherever you were, and you would look to find what was on. That was the world in 1998, 1999."

Gaiman certainly has a point considering that Anderson's many faces as Media were from classic television shows and features. The TV has been changing in the past few years but the writer teases we might still get a glimpse of Anderson's Old Media.

"I love the fact that Gillian's character manifests as old media. She manifests as The Lucy Show in black and white. And she's Marilyn, and she's Judy Garland, and she's Bowie...but Bowie in 1972, 1973. There's a very specific time," Gaiman said. "She was Old media, and her day is done. Whether or not Old media really is [gone] will be something the show is going to have to find out for itself."

We're certainly hoping to see more of Anderson as Media in the future. Nevertheless, we are also looking forward to how different Kim's New Media will be in the second season.

American Gods Season 2 airs on Starz on March 10.

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