American Born Chinese: Michelle Yeoh Discusses Goddess of Mercy's Challenging Fight Scene

There is little doubt that Michelle Yeoh was a sight to behold as the benevolent Goddess of Mercy in American Born Chinese but it wasn't always easy for the Everything Everywhere All at Once actor. Yeoh revealed that filming Guanying's fight scene with the Bull Demon King was exceptionally challenging for an interesting reason.

Michelle Yeoh Reveals The Most Challenging Part of Guanying's Fight Scenes in American Born Chinese

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Michelle Yeoh recently spoke to TV Guide about American Born Chinese where she discussed the epic fight between Guanying and Niu Mowang. The Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings actor pointed out that the difficulty stemmed from the Goddess of Mercy's reluctance to actually harm the Bull Demon King.

"I think the challenge, of course, was we had fight sequences in there," Yeoh said.

"Working together with our stunt coordinator, it was like, 'She is the Goddess of Mercy, she doesn't hit people.' She's not supposed to be throwing punches," Yeoh added. With that in mind, she confirmed that the fight with Leonard Wu's Niu Mowang was carefully choreographed.

"When I had that big fight with the Bull [Demon] King, he was totally angry. So we did it in such a way, it was always deflected," Yeoh explained. "It was almost like a dance."

It certainly makes sense as Guanying did her best to avoid the confrontation and simply tried to deflect Niu Mowang's attacks. Needless to say, it made for one of the most memorable fight scenes in American Born Chinese Season 1.

American Born Chinese follows high school student Jin Wang who just wants to fit in. However, everything changes when he meets the new student Wei Chen who turns out to be the son of the Monkey King and is on an important mission to find the Fourth Scroll.

All eight episodes of the first season of American Born Chinese are now streaming on Disney+.

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