AMC Theatres Will Reopen With 15-Cent Tickets This Month

It looks like AMC Theatres are pulling all the stops to make sure that people will watch movies again as they have reduced ticket prices to a ridiculous degree. As the title of this article shows, AMC will be pricing tickets at 15-cents to get people interested in watching movies again, which is one hell of a price tag, if anything else. That's not all however as they're also planning some more cheap ticket prices for future dates.

Revealed by Business Wire, this tactic brings movie ticket prices back to what they were in the 1920s, which is a really cool way of putting it. The 15-cent movie ticket day will take place on Aug. 20 (plus tax) so it's a really cheap one-day event intended to get people watching films again.

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While there will only be one day of AMC Theatres being 15-cents, they are also planning to bring back some fan-favorite movies for only $5. This event is expected to run through October, with movies like Inception, Black Panther, Ghostbusters, Grease, Back to the Future, and Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back.

That's one hell of a lineup and it will be interesting to see how this business tactic does when Aug. 20 comes and goes. International fans will probably want to see how their movie theaters will handle this once the pandemic has calmed down. In the meantime, let's hope things are good enough that movies can be shown in theaters again.

AMC Theatres are reopening on Aug. 20 with 15-cent movie tickets.

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