Amazon's Paper Girls Series Gets Iron Man Writer as Co-Showrunner

Brain K. Vaughan and Cliff Chiang's Paper Girls comic is often considered to be one of the better titles from recent Image Comics history, though some also see it as yet another great story from Vaughan. This is why many fans were excited when it was announced that we would be getting a tv series based on the comic, courtesy of Amazon Prime. It looks like more comics talent is joining the show as it was announced that Iron Man writer Christopher Cantwell will be one of the co-showrunners.

Cantwell revealed the news on Twitter by posting the "daily room notes" of Paper Girls, which has a lot of people excited. While most people are hoping he does Iron Man justice in his new comic book series, the writer is actually pretty experienced when it comes to making television, working on Halt and Catch Fire with Chris Rogers, who is also one of the showrunners.

We hope this means the show will be really good since the comic of the same name has a ton of love from fans who have read it. Though it did recently finish its comic book run, that makes it perfect for a comic book adaptation since they're going to be working on a finished story. That means they have an endgame in sight unless they change things up drastically.

For the unaware, Paper Girls isn't just a comic book where girls deliver newspapers. It has a lot of time travel and fantastical elements that should intrigue any fans of sci-fi or fantasy. This could be a very good show, especially if recent comic book adaptations are anything to go by.

Paper Girls does not have a release date, as of this writing.

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