Amazon’s Lord of the Rings Series Could Possibly Contain Nudity

Amazon was gearing up to bring Lord of the Rings back to the screen, and production had just resumed for the highly-anticipated series. While the films by Peter Jackson are generally family-friendly, there is some news that suggests that this upcoming series could be more adult-oriented.

As reported by on Twitter, a casting call for the series is calling for actors that are "comfortable with nudity." Here's the post:

Of course, the casting call doesn't already mean that there will be nudity in the show; but that also doesn't mean it won't. If I were to extend an olive branch, maybe the requirement for nudity would have something to do with the costume fitting or prosthetics department. Then again, I'm really just guessing.

With Lord of the Rings being a very child-friendly brand, I don't think that there really needs to be any nudity in the show. Then again, the body-positive side of me wants to think that there are tasteful ways that it can be brought into the series. However, I'm strongly against the same kind of nudity that Game of Thrones has been notorious for. What makes Rings so great is that it can find success without having to bank on sexuality—hopefully, Amazon shares the same sentiments.

For now, we have no idea when Amazon wants to officially reveal the show to fans. We know that production has resumed, so maybe we can get some kind of teaser before the year ends. If you ask me though, I speculate we'll get our first teaser in the middle of 2021.

No release date has been set for Amazon's Lord of the Rings.

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