Work has Already Started on Season 2 of Amazon’s Lord of the Rings

Just like the first trilogy of films, Amazon is taking a huge risk with their Lord of the Rings series, and the show is expected to have a budget the equivalent of a blockbuster movie. What's interesting is, a second season has already been greenlit by the network, and work has already begun on it.

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According to Deadline, showrunners J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay have used the show's time on hiatus to ‘map out and write Season 2 scripts.' We don't have any specifics on what will happen with the show yet, but hopefully, they have a clear ending in mind. We don't want the show to go on forever and just get canceled when things start to get stale.

If you know your LOTR trivia, you'll know that it was Peter Jackson's key planning that was able to pull the original trilogy of films off; lack of planning was what messed up the production of The Hobbit and it really shows in the final product. Hopefully, showrunners Payne and McKay won't fall into the same trap. With a budget so large and a production that's said to be huge, it would make sense for the team to try their best to plan out the story ahead of time.

I'll admit, I have been missing the Lord of the Rings franchise, and it would be great to come back to Middle-Earth. With this series taking place in the Second Age, there's plenty of room for creativity; hopefully, we can get some guest appearances from fan favorites like Gandalf or Gollum.

No release date has been set for Amazon's Lord of the Rings.

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