Amazon Prime Reacts To Petition Asking Netflix To Cancel Good Omens

In case you missed it, there's a petition out there asking Netflix to cancel Good Omens, a show that is actually streaming on Amazon Prime. If you don't believe that there are people who could be so clueless about which streaming service is offering the series, the petition actually has more than 20,000 signatures. But hey, Amazon doesn't seem to mind. In fact, the streaming service has a hilarious reaction to the situation.

The official Amazon Prime Twitter account recently posted about the petition and even proposed a deal for Netflix. Check out the tweet below.

"Hey @netflix, we'll cancel Stranger Things if you cancel Good Omens," they wrote. The tweet also includes a wink.

Amazon Prime isn't the only one having a bit of fun over the petition. Neil Gaiman, who wrote the book with Terry Pratchett and produced the series, also tweeted about the protest and hopes nobody tells the protestors about their mistake.

However, all good things come to an end. The people who started the petition finally realized they were addressing the wrong streaming service and have now changed it to address Amazon Prime. Oh well, that was fun while it lasted.

The petition points out that Good Omens "portrays the agents of Good and Evil as fighters in an arbitrary struggle devoid of meaning and truth." In addition to that, they are clearly unhappy about an angel (Michael Sheen) and a demon (David Tennant) trying to "stop the coming of the Antichrist because they are comfortable and like the earth so much." Oh, and there's the whole "God is voiced by a woman (Frances McDormand)" as well.

Good Omens is still streaming on Amazon Prime.

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