Alligator Loki Tragic Backstory Revealed in Marvel Fan Comic

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We already know a little bit about the Variants after the fifth episode of Loki. However, there's one Loki Variant we still need to learn about.

Alligator Loki has proven to be the most popular Variant introduced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe series so far although we don't know about his nexus event. Luckily, a fan-made Marvel comic imagines the Asgardian gator's tragic backstory.

There's a good reason why nobody knows how and why Alligator Loki ended up in the Void. Since the Variant only communicates through grunts, the others simply assumed that he is a Loki (because he is green) and didn't bother to ask about his nexus event. Still, Alligator Loki has proven to be quite smart and adept in inciting chaos in the latest episode.

But what happened to Alligator Loki and how did he end up in the Void? One fan is eager to learn the Variant's backstory and decided to create a hilarious comic depicting the gator's past. Check it out below.

Although this isn't what we imagined for Alligator Loki's backstory, it's certainly an awesome one. On the other hand, some still believe that the Variant comes from a timeline where everyone is an animal.

For now, it's unclear what Alligator Loki's nexus event truly was or if it involved chomping down on something he shouldn't have. Hopefully, we'll get to learn more about Croki even after Loki concludes this week.

The fifth episode of Loki is now streaming on Disney+. The series finale is scheduled to premiere on Wednesday, July 14, 2021.

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