All Twilight Saga Movies Made it on Netflix's Top 10 After Release on the Streaming Platform

Credit: The Twilight Saga/ Summit Entertainment

Credit: The Twilight Saga/ Summit Entertainment

The Twilight Saga movies were just released on Netflix last Friday and all the films secured their very own places into the Top 10 chart of the streaming platform with the first film on the third spot, New Moon on the sixth, Eclipse on the seventh Breaking Dawn: Part 1 on the eighth, and Breaking Dawn: Part 2 on the tenth filling half of the roster.

The Twilight Saga followed the story of how Bella Swan, a human, fell in love with Edward Cullen, a vampire, and they defied all odds holding onto their relationship which transcends beyond the challenges they faced along the way.

It remained to be one of the staple names in pop culture and just seeing it fill half of the Top 10 chart of Netflix proved that. The film series is based on the Twilight Saga books of Stephenie Meyer and since its successive releases starting in 2008, all the five films took home $3.3 billion at the box office, easily making a successful young adult franchise.

Despite the whole franchise being released more than a decade ago, securing half of the spots on the Top 10 of Netflix proves how the films stayed as a household name in young adult films. The movie series paved way for the successful careers of Robert Pattinson who played Edward, and Kristen Stewart who portrayed Bella Swan.

Want to watch again how the lion fell in love with the lamb? Check this article and see where you can watch all the Twilight Saga films.

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