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All of Us Are Dead Actor Yoon Chan Young Wants to Star in New Project After Netflix Series' Success

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All of Us Are Dead actor Yoon Chan Young wants to see his filmography grow further in the next few years.

Before All of Us Are Dead pushed Yoon Chan Young to the spotlight, he started as a child actor and starred in television series in 2013. He appeared simultaneously in MBC’s When a Man Falls in Love and Mnet’s Monstar before he got the chance to score more TV and movie roles.

So far, he already has over 20 credits under his belt, including The Fault is Not Yours, Light for the Youth, Dr. Romantic, The King in Love, Still 17, Doctor John, and Do You Like Brahms? Among others.

Now that he is growing to become a better actor, Yoon Chan Young established clear plans for the future, one of which is leading a romance series.

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Yoon Chan Young Wants to Challenge Himself In New Genre

Yoon Chan Young recently had a pictorial and interview for Dazed Korea’s March issue. The young South Korean actor shared that he wants to have a role in a proper romance series following the success of his romantic arc in All of Us Are Dead.

“To be honest, I’d like to do a love story, which I haven’t been able to fully do yet,” he said. “My [love story in ‘All of Us Are Dead’] sort of came to fruition but also didn’t work out, and I became more and more curious about the emotion of love.”

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As for the reason why he badly wants to star in a romance flick, Yoon Chan Young said that the thought came out when he realized the importance of love in real life.

According to the actor, he wants to show the whole purpose of living to love by doing a romantic series soon.

Yoon Chan Young Can Score Any Role He Wants

Reaching his career goal is easy for him especially after All of Us Are Dead became an international phenomenon. In fact, Yoon Chan Young himself saw an increase in Instagram follower count since starring in the series.

Dazed Korea asked him about his growing popularity, and the actor remained humble when he said he could not believe the recent development in his career.

“I hadn’t expected it, but lots of people recognized me and said, ‘It’s Cheong San [Yoon Chan Young’s character in All of Us Are Dead]!’ They also came up to me to take photos. I’m still dazed, and I have a lot of different feelings about it,” he went on.

Currently, Yoon Chan Young is preparing to appear in a new noir drama, Juvenile Delinquency.

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