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Alien Pays Tribute to the Late H.R. Giger on 80th Birthday

Today would have been the late H.R. Giger's 80th birthday and the franchise that he helped create is paying tribute to the legendary artist. Alien has just posted a touching video that honors Giger's works.

The official Alien Twitter account shared the video, which features Giger explaining the xenomorph's design. Check it out below.

Giger is best known for creating the sleek and dangerous design of the xenomorph in the first Alien film. The xenomorph's look was actually taken from a lithograph titled Necronom IV and Giger worked with director Ridley Scott to bring the alien to life.

In addition to creating the xenomorph, Giger also designed another memorable horror icon. He is responsible for the sleek look of Sil, the alien-human hybrid in Species.

Giger has also worked with several musical acts in the past. He famously designed the cover for the album Heartwork by extreme metal band Carcass. Additionally, he designed and sculpted a special microphone stands for Korn's Jonathan Davis.

The Swiss artist passed away on May 12, 2014. In 2018, he was honored by scientists who decided to name the asteroid 109712 Giger after him.

There is little doubt that Giger's artworks continue to be a great name in art and pop culture up to this day.

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