Alien 5 Producer Reveals New Details About Sequel Focusing on Sigourney Weaver's Ripley

Sigourney Weaver may have lost hope on returning in a new Alien film but it looks like we might be getting more xenomorphs in the future. Producer Walter Hill has just confirmed that Alien 5 is still happening and it will focus on Ellen Ripley.

Hill's company has revealed to Syfy Wire that he had worked on the screenplay for Alien 5 with David Giler and that they have every intention of bringing Weaver back for the sequel.

"Sigourney, as she has from the very beginning, is being too modest about her proven ability to pull off the idea — which is to tell a story that scares the pants off your date, kicks the ass of a new Xenomorph, and conducts a meditation on both the universe of the Alien franchise and the destiny of the character of Lt. Ellen Ripley," Hill said in a statement.

Interestingly, it was previously reported that Weaver admitted to having read the script for Alien 5. However, the Avatar actress was not sure if the project will push through considering that Ridley Scott had taken the franchise into a completely different direction.

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For now, we're just happy to know that there are plans for Alien 5 and that it will focus on Ripley. However, it is important to note that Weaver has expressed uncertainty so we're not yet sure if she will reprise her role in the film once it is greenlit. In the meantime, we will be waiting for new updates from Hill.

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