Alden Ehrenreich Hasn't Watched the Latest Star Wars Titles After Solo

Though Alden Ehrenreich was the star of Solo: A Star Wars Story, it looks like he won't be working on the franchise for a while, seeing as the anthology film has underperformed when it came out. As it turns out, much like original Han Solo Harrison Ford, Ehrenreich hasn't been keeping up with Star Wars at all.

When Esquire had asked him if he had seen Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Ehrenreich had apparently paused and admitted, "I didn't." When it came to the highly-acclaimed Disney+ show starring Din Djarin, he admits he hasn't checked that one out either saying, "The Mandalorian, that's what it's called?"

I have to admit, I love how Ehrenreich doesn't care about the franchise at all. If Harrison Ford is any example, actors don't really have to like Star Wars to be effective in the films. If anything, he's saving himself a whole lot of trouble from engaging with (toxic) fans online—that's why he doesn't have any social media; too bad Daisy Ridley and Kelly Marie Tran had to find out about toxic fans the hard way.

If anything, Ehrenreich is still very much opening to come back as Han Solo, but for now, it looks like Lucasfilm has no plans. While there are some fans who are eager to #MakeSolo2Happen, sadly they haven't gotten a Snyder Cut level of demands. Hopefully, with the release of Solo on Disney+, more people will get to see how much of an underrated gem that film is.

For now, catch Ehrenreich in Brave New World now streaming on Peacock.

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