Akuma-kun's Shocking Ending Explained: What Happened in Episode 12?

Akuma-kun with a Gun
Credit: Encourage Films

Akuma-kun with a Gun
Credit: Encourage Films

The Invisible School as well as Shingo Umoregi’s life are in danger! The first and second generations of Mephisto try their best to infiltrate Strophaia’s barrier but to no avail. Will Akuma-kun rescue his adoptive father and retrieve Solomon’s flute? Here’s Akuma-kun’s ending explained in detail.

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Akuma-kun Ending Explained

The title of Akuma-kun’s finale episode is Sacrifice, and it picks up where the previous episode left off after Akuma-kun (Ichiro Umoregi), along with Gremory, went to the Invisible School only to fire a Maleficia Holy Water gun at Shingo Umoregi.

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Akuma-kun Infiltrates the Invisible School

Strophaia Akuma-kun
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Credit: Encourage Films

It turns out that Akuma-kun shot a fake Shingo since the Maleficia Holy Water gun worked, much to Mephisto III and Mephisto II’s surprise.

It was a trap made by Strophaia, and Akuma-kun knew exactly what to do thanks to Gremory’s efforts.

With Mephisto II outside of Strophaia’s barrier, Akuma-kun, Mephisto III, and Gremory went inside to deal with Strophaia and rescue Shingo. Inside, Strophaia’s incredible supernatural powers enveloped the Invisible School.

Upon entering, Akuma-kun disappeared, leaving Mephisto III and Gremory outside. He easily encounters Strophaia, but the latter quickly disappears after seeing the scroll Satan passed on to him through Gremory.

Strophaia’s supernatural powers weakened, allowing Mephisto III and Gremory to enter the school effortlessly.

Shingo Umoregi Akuma-kun
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Credit: Encourage Films

Even so, Strophaia’s powers are closing in on Shingo Umoregi, who can almost reach Solomon’s Flute. He figures that blowing Solomon’s flute is the only way to seal Strophaia’s movements, so he needs Akuma-kun to use it.

As Akuma-kun wanders the school halls, he encounters Hyakume, who leads him on a secret passageway to get to Shingo faster. They eventually reached Shingo, but something bad happened to him.

On the other hand, Mephisto III and Gremory stumble upon Strophaia. Gremory restricts Strophaia’s movements with her Oxyrhynchus Papyri, giving Mephisto III a chance to escape.

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Akuma-kun and Mephisto III Reunite

While Mephisto III encounters Komori-neko, Strophaia overwhelms Gremory with his powers.

Mephisto III reunites with Akuma-kun, and they discover that Shingo has been afflicted with the same phenomenon that deteriorates the Invisible School.

Shingo tells Akuma-kun to get Solomon’s flute, but the latter remembers how he can’t use it. He tried hard to blow the flute years ago, but it didn’t make a sound due to his unhappy heart.

The flute may have accepted Akuma-kun as its new master, but he needs to learn what happiness is first.

The Invisible School collapses, forcing Akuma-kun and Mephisto III to leave Solomon’s flute as well as his adoptive father, much to Strophaia’s delight. Worse, Akuma-kun also dropped Satan’s scroll.

Strophaia unearths Shingo from the rubble and throws him away. He is still breathing, but he looks like an empty human shell.

Mephisto III prepares to attack Strophaia with all of his demonic abilities, but before he does something impulsive, he asks Akuma-kun to kill him the moment he's gone berserk.

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Mephisto III Goes Berserk Against Strophaia

Mephisto III Akuma-kun
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Credit: Encourage Films

Mephisto III starts fighting Strophaia, while Akuma-kun tries some magic circles to help Shingo. None of these, unfortunately, worked. Strophaia deals the final blow to Mephisto III’s chest, forcing him to go berserk.

As promised, Akuma-kun kills Mephisto III with tears in his eyes. It was a new feeling for Akuma-kun, who didn’t understand why he was tearing up in front of Mephisto III.

He fires a gun at Mephisto III’s head, and Solomon’s Flute finally breaks.

Strophaia reveals that Solomon’s Flute gradually breaks as Akuma-kun loses someone he loves. Akuma-kun once lost Strophaia, which explains the cracks on the flute, and then he lost Shingo, and now Mephisto III.

On the contrary, Akuma-kun reveals that Solomon’s Flute is played with the heart, as taught by his dumb father.

The physical world’s knowledge, which Strophaia is unfamiliar with, is actually what gave birth to Solomon’s Flute, and the reason it didn’t work was that the fault lay with Akuma-kun.

Akuma-kun and Solomon’s Flute

Strophaia and Akuma-kun
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Credit: Encourage Films

Parts of the Solomon Flute began to be restored, as Akuma-kun explains that he hasn’t lost a single thing Strophaia tried to take from him. Strophaia starts to disappear, including the devil nail that was about to hit Shingo on the head.

Everything returned to normal, including Mephisto III and Shingo. They all celebrated at the Millennium Research Institute with ramen cooked by Akuma-kun.

Mephisto III remarks that he’s glad he’s half-human, which is the reason why he’s still alive even after Akuma-kun shot him in the head.

Before the episode ends, Gremory appears only to pull Akuma-kun’s heart out of his chest to Mephisto III’s horror. Akuma-kun’s eye opens, and the credits roll.

All in all, the ending of Akuma-kun left a lot of questions that a second-season anime adaptation can answer.

From the Millennium Kingdom, the fate of Akuma-kun at the hands of Gremory, the devious threat from Satan, and the relationship between the characters that need more development, Akuma-kun’s story is far from over!

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