16 Jul 2018 10:18 AM +00:00 UTC

Akira Toriyama Teases a Rebooted Broly For Dragon Ball Super Movie

It was pretty shocking when Toei Animation announced that Broly would be returning in the upcoming Dragon Ball Super movie and that the Legendary Super Saiyan would soon be a canon part of the series' universe. Most movie villains not named Beerus or Freeza don't get that treatment, so this was an interesting exception, to say the least.

Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama has taken to the series' 20th movie anniversary site to explain why Broly was chosen to be the first movie villain for Super. Interestingly enough, the creator implies that this might not be the Broly from movie's past but a whole new version of the character.

"So, about Broly. I hear these days, he's still very popular not only in Japan, but also overseas. Based on that, my editor suggested we have Broly appear in this next movie. I went ahead and watched the movies from back then, and I felt this could be quite interesting once I rearrange some things. I got right to work trying my hand at a story that incorporates him into the Dragon Ball Super series."

Toriyama's statement regarding the character's popularity isn't a huge surprise since Broly does bring the big bucks. Aside from three movies, two of which are garbage, the Legendary Super Saiyan has also appeared in numerous video games and merchandise, often being featured prominently in them. The opening of Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 even implied that only Gogeta was strong enough to take the mad Saiyan down.

Since this might be a new interpretation of the character, it could solve all of the problems fans have had with the non-canon version, such as his one-note personality and his annoying screaming of KAKAROT. This is assuming we actually get a rebooted Broly of course. Toriyama's comments could also mean that he's tinkering around with the stories to find a place for the Broly we all know and love/hate/tolerate.

Then again, we have a base version of Broly in Freeza Force armor….

Dragon Ball Super: Broly comes out on December 14.

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