16 Jul 2018 8:37 AM +00:00 UTC

Check Out Broly's New Redesign For Dragon Ball Super

Fans were legitimately surprised when it was announced that Broly was going to be the villain of Toei Animation's Dragon Ball Super movie. Called Dragon Ball Super: Broly, the film will actually bring the Legendary Super Saiyan to Dragon Ball canon, something fans never thought would happen. As we wait for the film to come out, the character's new design for the film was revealed and it looks great.

These new Dragon Ball Super collectibles have given us our first look at the character in his base and Legendary Super Saiyan form. Broly was always known as a shirtless behemoth so seeing him with black hair and in armor that looks similar to what the Freeza Force wore is something no one expected.

Once he transforms, however, we get the Broly we all know and love/hate. It's clear that Toriyama didn't want to ruin what made the character popular, his intimidating figure, but the new wristband and pants are a nice touch. All that's left is to here the character shout "Kakarot!" and everyone will be happy/disappointed.


Ever since he debuted in one of the Dragon Ball Z movies, Broly instantly became popular. So popular that he starred in two terrible sequels and has been playable in a ton of video games, including the recently released Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly comes out on December 14.

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