Ahsoka Tano Could Take Over for Cara Dune to Lead The Mandalorian Universe

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Credit: Lucasfilm

As The Mandalorian's third season is set to begin filming this April, Lucasfilm made a stunning revelation about the fate of actress Gina Carano who will no longer be appearing on the hit Star Wars series. A lot of you are well aware by now that the production outfit's decision to relieve Carano from her contract has something to do with her social media behavior.

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Credit: Lucasfilm

Interestingly, Lucasfilm has no intentions of recasting the Cara Dune character and it could mean two things, either they're moving forward with a brand new actress to portray the character or Dune could be written off in the upcoming season.

It's a shame considering Dune could easily headline her own Star Wars spinoff show and quite frankly, the character has grown in popularity. Still, that's not to say that Disney would be running out of options as there are a lot of worthy female characters who already exist in the franchise that could easily take her place.

One of the obvious choices, of course, is Ahsoka Tano who is played by Rosario Dawson and according to a new scoop from insider Daniel Richtman (via Patreon), Ahsoka could very well lead The Mandalorian's expanded universe along with Din Djarin and Grogu.

Considering Dawson's portrayal of the character received a generally favorable response from fans, we can totally expect the character to stick around for potentially more seasons. After all, she's always been presented as a top-tier character. Currently, though, it looks like Rosario has her plate full as she's set to star in her own solo Ahsoka series so I wouldn't exactly count on her making a lot of appearances in Season 3.

All episodes of The Mandalorian are available on Disney+.

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