27 Oct 2021 3:58 PM +00:00 UTC

Ahsoka Reportedly Casting Mysterious Male Lead Character

Fans have been looking forward to the Ahsoka series as it will feature the live-action solo adventure of the titular Star Wars character, continuing from her appearance in the second season of The Mandalorian. Rosario Dawson will reprise the role. Exact plot details are still under wraps, but recently, it has been reported that Hayden Christensen will be appearing in the series reprising his role as Anakin Skywalker.

Now, according to The Illuminerdi, Lucasfilm is currently looking to cast an actor in his 20s to play the male lead character "Riz." The role is described as "a bit of a lone wolf, world-wise despite his young age and able to handle anything life throws his way." It will be a series regular role with options.

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With rumors that Ezra Bridger from Rebels will be making an appearance in the series, there are speculations that "Riz" might just be a code name for the character. It has also been rumored that General Thrawn, Sabine Wren, and Captain Rex will also be part of the series although none of them has been confirmed by Lucasfilm yet.


The plot details for the series are still unknown, but it is being speculated that it will center on Ahsoka looking for General Thrawn, which was hinted on her episode of The Mandalorian. With the confirmation that Anakin Skywalker will be appearing in the series, there are speculations that the character will be appearing as a force ghost or in flashbacks during the days when the two characters were working together.

The series is very much shrouded in mystery as of now so there's a lot of speculations regarding the possible story details of the series. Most fans are assuming that this will serve as a vehicle to continue the storylines from Star Wars: Rebels. But we will find out soon if all these rumors and whispers are true.

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Ahsoka is set to begin production early next year.