Agent Venom Blazes His Way Into Marvel Puzzle Quest

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There's another Venom in town, and this time, his powers involve guns, some military acumen, and a whole lot of symbiote--all of which could give Eddie Brock a run for his money.

Even if Brock is already in the roster as Venom, players can enjoy some variety with Thompson's military experience. D3 Go! Producer Josh Austin talked to Marvel about Agent Venom's abilities and what he'll bring in to Marvel Puzzle Quest.

"Agent Venom is more tactical, with Flash's military training playing a big part. He deals damage, but he also has a great power called Take Cover that gives his allies invisibility for a few turns. However, players will need to carefully manage their AP to keep the symbiote under control."

That's because there's a trade-off of hurting Venom and resulting in the player's inability to generate AP. This gives a different spin to Agent Venom's character, where you see him constantly fighting with the violent tendencies of the symbiote.


His abilities have a sense of variety and also cohesiveness about them. His first ability Symbiotic Assault uses his alien symbiote for an ultimate tactical strike for big damage. His Military Might ability, worth 5 Black AP, ensures that his alien symbiote is kept in check. This ability bleeds into his Alien Weakness, where Agent Venom's symbiote now becomes the dominant part.

Finally, there's take Cover, which brings AOE damage to the enemy team, and makes Venom and his teammates invisible for two or more turns. This makes for the perfect setup for those who need some regrouping to do.

This new fighter is a great addition for players who love the 5/3/5 build, mostly because they can make good use of AP, thanks to Alien Weakness. Agent Venom will also have to be in a well-rounded team to avoid storing up too much AP.

Agent Venom will debut in Marvel Puzzle Quest on Nov. 17. He can be earned via the Thick as Thieves Event on that day or via the Simulator Story Event Vault, which happens on Nov. 21.


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