Pokemon Go Player Finds a New Way to Make a New PokeStop

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Perhaps one of the common requests among Pokemon Go players is for the developer to introduce more PokeStops into the game. There have been several instances wherein Niantic has introduced changes into the game via this feature. This involved changing up spawn locations or the less welcomed change of speed locks applying to the PokeStops themselves.

Now, it seems that Pokemon Go players have found quite a cool way to add PokeStops on the map. Pokemon Go Hub spotted a Reddit poster, which revealed that the trainer was able to make use of local Ingress portals, particularly those in a rural or small town.


According to the report, the developer has already been using its older title, Ingress, to transform areas that are Ingress portals into PokeStops or even Gyms. But the process seems to be hastened when the portals had portal images.

What the Pokemon Go player did was to submit portal photos or images for "culture or administration oriented" portals. From there, they could provide a description for the images.

The controller process on the side of the player ends there, as the Ingress team will now have to either approve or decline the images. After they take action, some of the approved portals become PokeStops for Pokemon Go.

For fans who are willing to try this out to grow their PokeStop targets near their homes or workplaces, there's a disclaimer of sorts. It's highly recommended that fans upload high-quality images, as well as something representative of the location.


I have been noticing a number of PokeStops in our area that are marked as "sponsored," as they are marked with a brand's name or logo. The new unannounced policy is a good thing for fans who don't have easy access to PokeStops.

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