Agent Carter Star Reveals Whether Daniel Sousa was Expecting Peggy to Return

Agent Carter might be done but some fans are still not over the budding relationship between Peggy Carter and Daniel Sousa in the ABC series. Some even believed that Peggy could have married Sousa after everything that they have been through. So what exactly happened between these characters? Enver Gjokaj may have teased that Sousa was hoping for a reunion with Peggy in Agents of SHIELD.

Gjokaj recently spoke to Collider about the final season of Agents of SHIELD which has brought Sousa back. Interestingly, the character's first appearance in the series was mentioned since it looked like Sousa was checking himself in the mirror because he was expecting to see Peggy. Gjokaj quickly explained this was something that was not revealed to him by showrunners Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen.

"I didn't talk to Jed and Maurissa about it, and I didn't talk to Marvel about it. As an actor, I just have to figure out what I think it means so that I can play it, in the moment. So, Marvel would be the people to ask about it," he said. Gjokaj then explained his own thoughts on what that particular scene meant.

"I think that [that moment] probably means what it seems to mean, which is that he didn't expect to see her there and that he's vain and likes to check his hair. But I get it. I'm particular about my hair, so they were dead on with that character trait," he said.

Of course, the scene is open to interpretations. Nevertheless, fans continue to believe that Sousa will continue to hope for Peggy's return.

Agents of SHIELD Season 7 airs on ABC every Wednesday nights.

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