Adventure Time Returning as a Mini-Series for HBO Max

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Credit: Cartoon Network/Twitter

Adventure Time ended back in 2018, but the show remains to be one pop culture phenomenon that kind of molded cartoon humor to what it is today. What's interesting is, the show will be coming back in the form of a mini-series on HBO Max, and we have our first poster for Adventure Time: Distant Lands.

According to Entertainment Weekly,Distant Lands will run for four episodes only, but each of them will have a length of an hour each. The episodes will each follow a character from the original series, with the first titled BMO following an adventure of BMO in space; Obsidian following Marceline and Princess Bubblegum to the Glass Kingdom; Wizard City centering on Peppermint Butler going to wizard school; and finally Together Again seeing the reunion of Finn and Jake for one more adventure.

Though the show is marketed for kids, there's actually a lot of adult humor and subtext when you watch Adventure Time. With the show coming to HBO Max, I'm curious if this is going to be a more adult take on the characters, or something still friendly for kids but with a lot of underlying adult themes.

Adventure Time has gone down as a cult classic, and I'm sure a lot of kids who watched it back then will enjoy a more mature take on the characters. Then again, what's the harm in keeping everything kid-friendly?

Adventure Time: Distant Lands has no specific release date yet, but you can catch it on HBO Max which debuts in the spring of 2020.

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