Actor Lee Sung Min Shares How He, Song Joong Ki Filmed Reborn Rich's Famous Car Accident Scene

Credit: JTBC DRAMA/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: JTBC DRAMA/YouTube Screenshot

Lee Sung Min and Song Joong Ki ultimately scored success when they starred in the JTBC drama series, Reborn Rich.

Premiered in November 2022, Reborn Rich shares the story of Song Joong Ki’s character, Yoon Hyun Woo. He is an employee of Soonyang Group but later gets killed by a Soonyang family member to hide the company’s tax evasion scheme. He later wakes up and gets reincarnated into Jin Do Jun’s body, the youngest grandson of Lee Sung Min’s Jin Yang Chul.

The series ended on Dec. 25 with a whopping 26.94 percent viewership rating nationwide and 30.1 percent in Seoul.

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Lee Sung Min Opens Up About Experience Working With Song Joong Ki

Reborn Rich actor Lee Sung Min served as a special guest during the Jan. 25 episode of You Quiz on the Block.

Yoo Jae Suk asked whether he thought the K-drama would be successful. According to the actor, he felt worried instead as he had to play the role of a character who was much older than he was.

Despite that, the K-drama became a successful series. It also offered a fun experience to Lee Sung Min, who said working with Song Joong Ki was fun.

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Among the scenes he recorded with the Descendants of the Sun star, Yoo Jae Suk chose to talk about Lee Sung Min and Song Joong Ki’s car accident scene since the host reportedly heard that the veteran actor did it all by himself.

Lee Sung Min explained:

"To be honest, I was filming another drama when filming the delirium scene. I returned to film 'Reborn Rich' after a while when filming that scene. But it was fun. The car accident scene was actually filmed with the car parked and was retouched using CG. Song Joong Ki and I just shook our bodies back and forth and glass pieces were thrown at us."

Lee Sung Min’s Acting Journey Wasn’t Easy

Aside from talking about the drama and his acting career’s success, Lee Sung Min also revealed that his journey was not that easy.

According to the actor, it was his wife who asked him to date. She did not want him to reveal it on TV, but Lee Sung Min wished to do so to share how grateful he felt that his wife had stayed with him in the past years.

He noted that having their daughter was not planned. Although he is happy to have her in his life, he disclosed that it was hard for him and his wife to live, and he did not want his daughter to experience that.

But after his hard work, Lee Sung Min’s sacrifices paid off.

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