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Aaron Taylor-Johnson Reportedly Met with James Bond Producers to Take Over the Role

Now that Daniel Craig had his swan song as the iconic British spy James Bond in the 2021 film No Time to Die, the number one question that the audience now have is which actor will play the next 007. For months, we've been hearing a lot of fan casting on the role with several actors that seem to fit the bill to play the role.

Now, it sounds like we're officially at the earlier stage of learning who will become the next James Bond. A recent report from Puck revealed that Aaron Taylor-Johnson recently met with 007 producer Barbara Broccoli to potentially take over the role and sources claimed that the meeting went well.

Obviously, this is not an official indication that Taylor-Johnson will become the next James Bond since they were only doing a meeting, but this is a sign that the actor has become one of the official contenders to possibly play the next iteration of the iconic character.

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With Taylor-Johnson being 32 years old (which is around the ideal age of the next 007 actor) and being experienced in doing action films, an argument can be made that he fits the bill for playing the role of James Bond. There are fans who have also been clamoring for him to play the character.

As we all know, the Golden Globe winner has been a staple of franchise films since he played Pietro Maximoff in the MCU film Avengers: Age of Ultron and is set to lead Sony's Spider-Verse film Kraven the Hunter. He recently co-starred in the hit action film Bullet Train.

It would be interesting to see whether Taylor-Johnson's recent meeting with the person behind the Bond franchise will lead to actually taking the role in the future. If any, this is a sign of what's about to come in the coming months as the search is officially on for the next 007.

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