A Close-Up Look at Spider-Man's Noir-Inspired Stealth Suit in Far from Home

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Set photos from Spider-Man: Far from Home have given us a look at a new black costume that seems to have been inspired by Spider-Man Noir. We haven't gotten any official reveals yet, but now we have a good look at the costume which was put up on display.

Check it out:

As you can see, the suit looks a lot more ragtag than the other versions that we've seen onscreen. At best, it's a rung up Peter Parker's homemade suit. My guess is that this suit will be provided by SHIELD, and the circle on the chest is actually supposed to feature the logo. You'll also notice that the mechanical eyes from the Stark spidey suit are kind of used in this suit as well.


With Spider-Man usually having only one appearance in the first two trilogies, I actually like how Tom Holland's Spidey has a bunch of new outfits in the MCU; after all, a new costume is a kind of required with every Marvel film. With all the reveals we've had, we could be looking at a total of three new Spider-Man looks with Far from Home with the red and black suit being the final one we see.

It's been reported that the first preview for Spider-Man: Far from Home is coming this Saturday, and that will be right off the coattails of the Avengers 4 trailer. We're also expected to get a new preview for Shazam! and Godzilla: King of Monsters as well.

It's going to be a hell of a week.

Catch Spider-Man: Far from Home in theaters July 5, 2019.

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