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5 Funniest Moments in Peacemaker Episode 4

We are now at episode 4 of Peacemaker, The Choad Less Traveled, and in a stunning subversion, this is one depressing episode. That is not to say it is absent of any funny moments, far from it. It is as funny as it is ever been. John Cena proves he can flex any muscle, be it comedy or dramatic muscles. Vigilante and Murn have some funny highlights too.

As we are crossing the middle part of the show, we seem to be having a perfect balance between the laughter and the pain. In either case, both parts are at their A-game, and since we already celebrate the pain, it is time to celebrate the laughter.

These are the 5 funniest moments in Peacemaker episode 4, The Choad Less Traveled.


  1. Vigilante is Angry at Peacemaker for Allowing Him to be Tortured

    Peacemaker and Vigilante are driving home, coming from a long night mission. They are having a conversation when suddenly, Vigilante interjects that he has been meaning to thank Peacemaker for allowing him to be tortured the previous night when the villains wanted information from Peacemaker and tortured vigilante instead.

    In a passive-aggressive way, he tells Peacemaker that he did not seem to care that he was in agonizing pain. But then sarcastically tells Peacemaker he realized that the reason Peacemaker allowed him to be tortured is to support him to become the best Vigilante he can be - to build character. Someone who does not spill the beans while being electrocuted and having his toe cut off. Every word he says is dripped with sarcasm.

    Peacemaker points out that Vigilante seems kind of angry under the surface, but Vigilante spill passively-aggressively denies it. Peacemaker then says if anything he should be grateful because Vigilante would feel really guilty if Peacemaker gave the bad guy any information 'cause Vigilante was too weak to take a little torture.

    When Vigilante sarcastically says he agrees that he would be really guilty if that happened, he accidentally raises his voice only to put his voice back to normal to continue hiding that he is angry.

    It's funny that they are talking like this like it is a normal conversation between two best friends who just experienced something that annoys them to each other instead of a life-threatening scenario of torture.

  2. Murn Stares at Economos

    Peacemaker just found out that the black ops team he is a part of just framed his dad and now is in prison so calls Murn about it. Peacemaker is really angry and tells Murn that he is going to prison to visit his dad. When Murn advises Peacemaker to not do that because it will jeopardize their top-secret mission, Peacemaker would not listen to reason.

    When Peacemaker hangs up the phone, Murn stares at Economos from across the room. He is not saying anything, he is just staring. Economos notices him staring at him and ask if it is he who he is staring at, but Murn does not say anything.

    Harcourt tells Economos that Murn must be angry at him because Economos is the one who framed Peacemaker's dad. Economos just tries to awkwardly not to look at Murn.

    Just another day of workplace hijinks for this team of assassins.

  3. Vigilante Fails to Cover Up His Secret Identity

    Peacemaker is about to visit his dad in prison to tell him everything about the top-secret team he is a part of. Adebayo tries to stop him by telling him that his father is a terrible person that does not deserve Peacemaker's love. Peacemaker in total denial goes in anyway.

    Vigilante, who is in his civilian wear, without his costume on, interjects that Peacemaker has to do what he was to do. Adebayo correctly assumes that he is Vigilante. It is only at this moment that Vigilante realized that he is not wearing his costume and so fails to hide his identity from Adebayo.

    He denies that he is Vigilante by saying he is not him. Adebayo tells him he sounds like him, so Vigilante changes his voice. When Adebayo tells him that it is obviously fake because it was different 2 seconds ago, Vigilante tells her that it is because he is about to cough.

    Vigilante is still limping now because of the torture he received from the previous night, so Adebayo sarcastically asks why he is limping. At this point, Vigilante is defensive and raises his voice saying it came from a snowboarding accident, totally unrelated in any way to Vigilante, apparently. He claims he does not even know who Vigilante is. As far as he knows, he tells, Vigilante might even b a woman, and only assumes Vigilante is a guy since he sounds exactly like him.

    Nice try, Vigilante.

  4. Peacemaker Thinks Judomaster Survives the Gunshot Because he is a Martial Artist

    Peacemaker and Judomaster are getting their rematch in the parking lot, and now that Peacemaker is not ambushed, they are now on equal ground. We do not get to find out who wins the fight though because as the fight is about to end and Judomaster is about to tell Peacemaker a big secret about the Butterflies, Adebayo shoots Judomaster straight in the chest.

    Adebayo is stressing out over this, since this is the first time he has killed someone, only for Judomaster to show some sign of breathing.

    The conversation goes to Peacemaker explaining that the real reason that he survives is because master martial artists can replace their heart with their kidney with willpower if ever their heart stops working, with the kidney now the organ functioning as the heart.

    Adebayo tells Peacemaker that never happens but Peacemaker insists that it only happens if the martial artist is a real master, so it only happened once or twice in history. It is a nice myth, one that most boys believe at some point in their lives.

  5. Murn is Angry His Team are a Bunch of Idiots

    Murn is turning out to be one of the funnier characters because he is the serious one cursed to play babysitter of a bunch of idiots. When Adebayo confesses to Harcourt that she indirectly told Vigilante to kill Peacemaker's dad, the scene transitions to Murn snapping at the team for being a bunch of idiots.

    Every time Murn looks away there is always someone in the team who is doing something that is overcomplicating the mission under his nose. So he snaps, and his reaction gets funnier and funnier with each new human error.

    Then, as he is being angry that Adebayo manipulated Peacemaker's best friend to kill his dad, Economos gets pedantic and corrects him that Peacemaker's best friend is actually Eagly, not Vigilante. Economos tells them that he is only being pedantic because Harcourt may get confused and think they are talking about an eagle. This leads to a tangent where Harcourt and Economos argue.

    What makes this joke funny is the timing. Murn was already angry that he has to deal with Economos framing Peacemaker's dad, now he has to deal with this.

Any other funny moment we miss?

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