5 Saddest Moments in Peacemaker Episode 4

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We are now at episode 4 of Peacemaker, The Choad Less Traveled, and in a stunning subversion, this is one depressing episode from the usually funny Peacemaker. Sure, there is still some laughter to be had, but by far, it is all about the hints of the tragedy of Peacemaker's upbringing from his father, that leads to a lot of depressing moments. The good thing is John Cena is up for the task, proving himself to be a good dramatic actor, as well as a gifted comedian.

Now, we count the 5 saddest moments in the episode.


  1. Adebayo Talks Peacemaker Out of Seeing His Dad

    Of all the members in the black ops team Peacemaker is involved with, Adebayo is the one Peacemaker has a bond with. Probably because Adebayo has a parent that is considered by many to be evil too, so sympathize with Peacemaker's messed up upbringing the most.

    When Peacemaker found out that his dad is in prison because the team framed him, he tries to visit his dad, losing what little trust he has in the team. Murn sends Adebayo after Peacemaker before he can talk to his dad, so that Peacemaker won't be able to tell him any information about the black ops team.

    It might seem insincere for Adebayo to try and get on Peacemaker's good side now when she is only doing it as part of her job, but we can tell that all she is saying to him comes from the heart.

    Adebayo tries to talk Peacemaker out of talking to his dad the best she can. Telling him, why even talk to him, after all the terrible things he has done to Peacemaker. She reveals that his entire childhood under his dad is in his file, but tries not to elaborate so as not to hurt his feelings.

    Peacemaker tries to defend his dad, saying that he is not as bad as he seems, but Adebayo tells him the fact that he is a racist. That Peacemaker wants to believe that he is actually a good man inside, but the truth is, he is not a good man - Not to the world, and especially not to Peacemaker.

    You can see from Peacemaker's face that he knows in his heart what Adebayo is saying is true, but he just cannot accept it. He is trapped in a cycle of trying to get his father to love him and to change him for the better, but he will never will.

    Defensive to the end, the only thing Peacemaker can say about his father is that he is still family and walks in anyway. A statement said in many abusive homes.

  2. Peacemaker talks to His Dad in Prison

    Peacemaker talks to His Dad in Prison

    When Peacemaker talks to his dad in prison, he reveals everything the black ops team has done and why he is in prison. Peacemaker's dad says he is going to talk to the guards that he is framed by the black ops team, but Peacemaker tries to convince him not to because the mission is very important for the faith of the world.

    His dad could not care less, insulting Peacemaker that he is even working with the team. He tells Peacemaker a terrible insult, that he should have slit Peacemaker the moment he was born. That he never loved him, unlike his brother. That he is just a blob of flesh he feels nothing for.

    The sad part is, Peacemaker is obviously used to this, like his dad says things like this all the time to him. He tells his dad that maybe he is a grower, someone his dad can grow to love as time goes by. An insight to a man that must have said that to himself time and time again.

    The conversation ends when his dad tells Peacemaker to get out of his sight and that he has no longer use for him.

  3. Peacemaker Talks to Harcourt About His File

    Harcourt is once again in the bar we see her from in the first episode, like before, drinking alone. Peacemaker comes to the bar guessing rightly that she would be there. Harcourt is annoyed that Peacemaker is ruining her alone time, but Peacemaker tells her that all he wants is the information written in his file about his dad when he was a kid.

    Harcourt reluctantly tells Peacemaker what she knows - That Peacemaker was trained to kill by his dad when he was very young. That it says that his brother died under mysterious circumstances, and that Peacemaker was involved.

    Peacemaker, from his face, obviously wants to press on but he does not. In a defense mechanism, Peacemaker made a sexist joke at Harcourt's expense then leaves.

    Before he does, though, Peacemaker glances at Harcourt, as if he wants to ask more questions but does not know what to say. The camera switches and zooms in to Harcourt, and we see that Harcourt is in her own little space, feeling numb as she drinks, with muffled sounds of the crowd in the background. It is like her soul has been eaten alive by her job, and there is nothing left to feel - For herself, and for others.

  4. Vigilante Fails to Kill Peacemaker's Dad

    When Adebayo intentionally led Vigilante to kill Peacemaker's dad, Vigilante tries to put himself in prison to get the opportunity. When he tried to make his movie, he fails.

    Later when the team's pull led Vigilante from being freed from Prison, Harcourt is in a car waiting for him. Vigilante tells Harcourt that Peacemaker's dad is still alive and that he might have made things worse. As he said this, Vigilante is at the brink of crying.

    We don't know why for now - Maybe because it really hurts him that he let Peacemaker down. Or maybe it just came to him how pathetic he is for going to great lengths just for Peacemaker, a guy who does not even care if he gets tortured. Whatever it is, Vigilante still has an interesting story to tell for us.

    We see Harcourt's face and see that she is obviously empathizing with Vigilante. Looks like she has a story to tell too.

  5. Flashbacks to Peacemaker's Childhood

    Before the credits roll for "The Choad Less Traveled", we have our saddest moment in the episode. Peacemaker just went home from a long day. He plays the music on, and in the tune of House of Pain by Faster Pussycat, Peacemaker starts to dance, and dance hard.

    As the scene goes, we see a flashback of his childhood, where there is a man tied up to a chair, looking scared. Peacemaker as a kid is goaded on by his Dad to stab the man like it is a kind of test. Peacemaker looks at the man's scared eyes and then plunges the knife into him. His dad has a big grin on his face as his son is suffering in guilt.

    We know now that in the present, Peacemaker is dancing his depression away. We then see a flashback of Peacemaker as a child with his brother, playing and enjoying each other's company. Then we see his brother convulsing, and foaming in the mouth, obviously dying, probably because of Peacemaker.

    In the present, Peacemaker dances harder and harder, until a flashback of The Suicide Squad movie appears, where Peacemaker killed Rick Flagg, and Rick Flagg tells him, "Peacemaker. What a joke." As Rick Flagg falls to the ground, the dancing Peacemaker falls to the ground too, then reaches and then hugs the picture frame of him and his brother.

Are there any sad moments we missed?

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