5 Biggest Things We Learned From The Black Panther Trailer

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Four months after the teaser trailer took the world by storm, the first full trailer for Marvel Studio’s Black Panther finally arrived, and with it comes new footage, new characters, and a better look at the countless wonders Wakanda has to offer. In fact, despite being only a little more than two minutes in length, this new trailer provides quite a bit to unpack in terms of new revelations about the upcoming film.

If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, be sure to check it out before proceeding with this list. Otherwise, buckle in because here are the 5 biggest things we learned from the Black Panther trailer: 

  1. So THAT’S How Wakanda Shields Its Wealth

    At the start of the trailer, we see Okoye flying the Royal Talon Fighter over what appears to be nothing more than a dense African jungle. However, before long, the ship bursts through a holographic barrier and emerges above the beautiful nation of Wakanda. While we learned in Captain America: Civil War that Wakanda had been largely secluded prior to the events of that film, this certainly takes things to a whole new level. Furthermore, it helps expand upon Everett Ross’ comments from the teaser trailer, in which he told Klaue that the rest of the world views Wakanda as a third world country (hiding one’s wealth and technology behind a holographic barrier does tend to have that effect). 

  2. Two Black Panthers?

    One of the more memorable shots from the first half of the trailer is when we see T’Challa and Shuri inspecting a pair of Black Panther suits. For fans of the comics, this shot likely evokes memories of Shuri’s own stint as the Black Panther while T’Challa was incapacitated. However, even though we see Shuri and T’Challa both standing in front of sets of armor, as well as the fact that one looks more suited to Shuri’s frame, Erik Killmonger also sports a Black Panther suit in the trailer, so what this shot is foreshadowing is up for debate. In any case, we do know that T’Challa definitely won’t be the only one suiting up in the film.

  3. Killmonger Will ‘Burn It All’

    It was already well established in the teaser trailer that Erik Killmonger would be up to no good in Black Panther, but the new trailer shows us just how far he’s willing to go to reshape Wakanda in his image. At one point, we here Killmonger say, “I waited my entire life for this. The world's gonna start over. ... I'mma burn it all.” This is accompanied by a shot of Killmonger standing inside of a temple that’s engulfed in flames, but it isn’t just any temple – it’s Wakanda’s Hall of Kings, which houses the much of the nation’s history and is considered to be the spiritual center of Wakanda. This begs the question of whether or not Killmonger really wants to rule Wakanda at all, or if he simply wants to destroy it.

  4. Djalia Will Appear

    Prior to the trailer dropping, it wasn’t clear how much of Ta-Nehisi Coates and Brian Stelfreeze’s Black Panther run would be incorporated into the film, and while we still don’t know the full extent, the trailer does reveal one of the pair’s more intriguing introductions to the Black Panther mythos: Djalia. For the uninformed, Djalia is the ethereal plane of Wakandan memory, which T’Challa essentially uses to commune with the nation’s past. It’s also where Shuri’s spirit dwelled after she was killed by Thanos’ Black Order, but given the events of Captain America: Civil War, it could end up being where T’Challa goes to connect with the spirit of his father T’Chaka. 

  5. The Technology Is Even More Epic Than We Imagined

    Wakanda is a nation of incredible wealth and unfathomable technology. This shouldn’t come as a surprise. What does come as a surprise, though, is just how advanced the technology is. Sure, we got a taste of it in the teaser trailer, but that’s nothing compared to seeing Okoye flying the Royal Talon Fighter with no hands, Shuri driving a seemingly invisible car, or Killmonger’s armor emerging from nowhere to coat his body (a feat we see replicated by T’Challa later in the trailer). These are things Tony Stark could only dream of, and yet, in four short months, we’ll get to see them realized on the big screen!

    Black Panther hits theaters February 16, 2018.