3 Worst Anime Couples and Who They Should Have Ship With

It is normal for fans to root for a couple hence there are a lot of ships that we can see online. Fans will make fan arts or even fan fiction about their favorite pairing, even if sometimes these pairings do not work out towards the end of the series. 

On the other hand, there are anime couples who fans wished didn’t end up together. It could be because their love story was rushed or that their personalities did not actually match. While we cannot control what the creator wants for his or her characters, so we have decided to compile the worst anime couples, and who they should have shipped within our opinion. 

  1. Sakura and Sasuke from Naruto

    While there are a lot of fans of this pairing, we just can’t agree how their love story worked at all. It was emphasized since the beginning of the anime that Sakura liked Sasuke. But he told her several times that he didn’t have the same feelings for her. He even tried to kill her once. 


    It was just weird that all of a sudden, he “loves” her. Even if they got married and had Sarada, the intimacy between the two wasn’t there. Did Sasuke just chose her to continue their clan and out of all people, why Sakura? He could’ve just chosen Karin since the two of them have been traveling together as a team. 

  2. Enji and Rei from My Hero Academia

    For those who are not aware, Enji, also known as Endeavor, and Rei are Shoto Todoroki’s parents. The pairing itself was toxic because the two did not get married for love. Enji chose Rei because he needed someone with a powerful quirk to combine with his quirk in order to surpass All Might. 

    He ended up physically hurting her after she tried to protect her children from his abuse. After years and years that this continued to happen, Rei’s mentality suffered. She even ended up splashing boiling water to Shoto, who looks like Enji. He then locked her up in a mental institution.

    While it would be hard to determine who they should have ended up with, it was clear as day that Enji and Rei are one of the worst anime couples. 

  3. Goku and Chi-Chi from Dragon Ball

    The relationship between Goku and Chichi started when Chichi suddenly decided she wanted to marry Goku. He agrees, despite not knowing what marriage is, and kept his promise. While they were able to have a well-adjusted family (which fans can assume that it’s Goku’s doing), fans noticed that their life together wasn’t a good one.

    Chichi always screams at Goku even for trivial matters while he never listened to anything she says. He even injured her once. Some fans would prefer that Goku ended up with Bulma instead as she is calm and confident. She also knows more about the developed world. Imagine Goku having a super genius wife? 

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