3 More Star City Games Magic: The Gathering Events Cancelled

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Earlier this week, the CDC officially recommended organizers cancel or postpone gatherings that consist of 50 people or more throughout the United States due to the COVID-19/Coronavirus outbreak, so that means Magic: The Gathering tournaments like Grand Prix events and Star City Games Open events are not ideal for players.

Today, Star City Games has announced the cancellation of three more Star City Games Tour events for the health and safety of their staff and attendees.

April 4-5 SCG Atlanta
April 25-26 SCG Worcester
May 2-3 SCG Cincinnati

SCG will issue a refund of the full amount of entry fee to those who preregistered for these events over the coming days. This Friday, March 20, SCG will also ship all website orders scheduled to be picked up on-site at these events, free of charge.

In the light of the Coronavirus outbreak, it's not surpsing that more and more major MTG events are being cancelled. Last week, Channelfireball cancelled all Grand Prix events through May. Wizards of the Coast also cancelled the Players Tour Finals at Houston and the Mythic Invitational - Ikoria recently. Unless the situation gets better in a couple of months, we'll probably see more MTG events cancelled, so if you want to play MTG with your friends right now, the best way is to play online with Magic Arena or Magic Online.


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