110 Board Wipes For Your Magic: The Gathering Commander & EDH Deck

Board wipes have been and will always be one of the best forms of card advantage in Magic: The Gathering. Almost every Commander deck runs some number of mass removal for creatures. The question is not whether to run board wipes, but which ones to run. There are hundreds of choices, some you may never have heard of, and some that have been staples for decades.We’ve compiled an extensive list of 110 board wipes to consider for your Commander deck. In no particular order, here they are:

  1. Day of Judgment

    The most vanilla of mass removal. Wrath of God is certainly a step-up, but if you've got extra slots beyond that for mass removal, Judgment is a reasonable pick.

  2. Blasphemous Act

    In a stacked boardstate, Blasphemous Act is one of the most mana efficient removal spells in the game. One red mana to kill all creatures with toughness 13 or less. You can combine this with cards like Stormwild Capridor and Stuffy Doll for added effect.

  3. Austere Command

    Austere Command has been a staple in Commander for a good reason. It can destroy all creatures, or destroy most creatures on the battlefield while also wiping away powerful equipment, artifact spells, and enchantments. It's a 6 mana swiss army knife removal spell. While some players may prefer a card like Planar Cleansing that destroys everything, not just creatures, Austere is useful because you can pick and choose, thus saving your own powerful artifact or enchantment card that you want to continue using.

  4. Jokulhaups

    One of the most powerful board wipes in Commander. You can combo it was indestructible cards or Planeswalkers. Once you wipe the board of everything (including lands), you'll be left with a powerful Planeswalker that can win you the game.

  5. Merciless Eviction

    Merciless Eviction is a powerful mass removal because it can hit any type of permanent and exile it. Indestructibility is a pretty common trick in Commander, so exiling is a good way to get around that.

  6. Languish

    Languish gets around indestructibility and damage prevention, but at the cost only killing creatures with 4 toughness or less. A good consideration for a black deck.

  7. Terminus

    Putting creatures on the bottom of their owners' library is also a fantastic way to get around indestructibility. Paying 1 mana for the miracle cost is pretty efficient if you have ways to put it on the top of your library or scry it there.

  8. Wrath of God

    Wrath of God is the original boardwipe. It's what all boardwipes are compared against. Before indestructibility, regeneration was a popular mechanic. We don't see regeneration as much in Standard, but it is still a mechanic seen in Commander.

  9. Damnation

    For black, this is super mana efficient mass removal.

  10. Cyclonic Rift

    For blue, you don't get mass removal, but you do get bounce. For this list, we will look at mass "bounce effects" as a form of removal. Cyclonic Rift is the most widely known in Commander for good reason. Overloading it is incredibly powerful, since it leaves all your permanents in play.

  11. Plague Wind

    Sure, it costs a lot of mana, but it leaves all your creatures in play.

  12. Fated Retribution

    There's cheaper mass removal in white that also hits other types of permanents. This one might be good in an enchantment based deck, or if you really value the scry.

  13. Evacuation

    This is the most iconic blue mass bounce effect. It's pretty good at buying time. The good thing about bounce is it kills all tokens. You can also replay your own creatures for their Enter the Battlefield effects.

  14. Life’s Finale

    This works well with graveyard recursion for your opponent's graveyard. It also removes big threats from their decks.

  15. Obliterate

    It's a lot of mana but it can't be countered and destroys all lands. Super powerful when combined with Planeswalkers and indestructible permanents.

  16. Planar Cleansing

    Simple and elegant. It destroys all nonlands. A nice all-encompassing catch-all for 6  mana.

  17. Akroma’s Vengeance

    Akroma’s Vengeance is one of my all-time favorites. It doesn't hit Planeswalkers, since it was printed before them, so take note. It does however work well if you run your own Planeswalkers. The cycling cost is a nice benefit if you have to dig.

  18. Hallowed Burial

    Hallowed Burial is my #1 mass removal spell for Commander. It gets rid of everything for a castable cost of 5 mana. Indestructible and graveyard recursion do nothing in the face of Hallowed Burial. The extra mana over Wrath of God is worth it. At the same time, 6 mana for exile board wipes can be too late and too steep vs many opponents. Hallowed Burial exists in that sweet spot. Try it out. I think you'll like it!

  19. Catastrophe

    Destroy all lands is pretty strong, but sometimes you can't do that effect because you're behind on the board. If you are, just destroy all creatures. Also, the artwork is beautiful.

  20. Deadly Tempest

    Not many board wipes can also win the game. That puts Deadly Tempest in a unique category. If your opponent has a ton of tokens in play (think a Krenko deck), this card wrecks them.

  21. Kirtar’s Wrath

    Kirtar’s Wrath creates a pair of flyers. There are better board wipes that create creatures, but if you need an extra one, this is an option.

  22. Divine Reckoning

    Divine Reckoning is for the player that has an important creature they want to keep in play. It also has flashback, so you get some card advantage. Good card vs tokens and go wide decks, bad card against Ultron Commanders.

  23. Sunblast Angel

    Sunblast Angel works will with blink effects since you can keep destroying tapped creatures. It can also win with damage.

  24. Supreme Verdict

    When you really want your mass removal to resolve, you run Supreme Verdict. Pretty useful in Emperor and team-based Commander games, since an opponent is more likely to counter your board wipe.

  25. Time Wipe

    Time Wipe is one of my favorites. Being able to return your best creature is a big bonus. I combine this with cards that have ETB effects for extra value, such as Augur of Bolas.

  26. Nevinyrral's Disk

    Nevinyrral's Disk is one of the few colorless board wipes. AKA, you can run it in any deck. I suggest running it as a deterrent. If you play this on the board, nobody will want to attack or kill you, in fear of you retaliating and using the Disk at instant speed.

  27. Ruinous Ultimatum

    It's pretty much a Cyclonic Rift for Mardu decks. The mana cost is pretty prohibitive, but destroying everything is very strong. This is also pretty hard to ramp into since it doesn't accept colorless mana.

  28. Toxic Deluge

    I run this in all of my black decks. It kills everything, including indestructible creatures, all for the low cost of 3 mana.

  29. Cleansing Nova

    Cleansing Nova is a bit of a swiss army knife and can come out early for 5 mana.

  30. Kaya’s Wrath

    I would highly advise not running Kaya's Wrath unless you are running it for the lifegain ability. The mana cost is too prohibitive, and there are much better 4 drop board wipes in White or Black.

  31. Duneblast

    Keep your Commander alive and destroy everything else. It costs 7 mana, which is quite a bit. In most cases, I'd rather give my creature indestructible and run Wrath of God for 4 mana.

  32. Pernicious Deed

    You can sit on Pernicious Deed and wait to use it as retaliation, which is a strong deterrent for multiplayer games. Deed is pretty good at blowing up mana rocks early and small creatures. Late game you can wipe the board with it.

  33. Gaze of Granite

    It looks like Pernicious Deed as a sorcery, but it actually hits more permanents since it can destroy Planeswalkers.

  34. Dusk // Dawn

    Dusk // Dawn is niche mass removal for decks that run low to the ground aggro.

  35. Subterranean Tremors

    Subterranean Tremors is great because it can destroy all artifacts and create a big creature for you in the process. Perfect for both 1 vs 1 and multiplayer Commander matches.

  36. Decree of Annihilation

    This exiles everything but enchantments and planeswalkers. Use it to your advantage. Cycling is virtually impossible to respond to, so it can be fearsome land destruction.

  37. Inundate

    Very similar to Cyclonic Rift, but a mana cheaper. I'd run Rift first, but this is a good secondary mass bounce spell.

  38. All is Dust

    Works great in any deck! Also gets around indestructible since they have to sacrifice.

  39. Bontu’s Last Reckoning

    Not untapping your lands is a major drawback. Then again, there aren't many 3 mana board wipes. If you're running a lot of mana rocks, the untap penalty isn't as big a deal.

  40. Crush of Tentacles

    A blue mass bounce that creatures an 8/8! It is a very powerful effect and worth the mana cost. You can cast the Surge cost pretty easy in a blue deck with 1 mana draw spells.

  41. Devastation Tide

    Devastation Tide is a great mass bounce. The miracle cost is huge value for such a powerful effect. How many 2 mana board wipes are there?

  42. Starstorm

    Starstorm is a slow board wipe for big creatures, but offers a quick way to destroy 1 toughness tokens. It doesn't do anything particularly well, but that's why it has cycling.

  43. Perilous Vault

    Perilous Vault is the big brother to Oblivion Stone. I love this kind of instant speed removal in Commander because it is a strong retaliatory deterrent. You just need to survive with this untapped.

  44. Bearer of the Heavens

    This is bit of a unique board wipe. It's a creature, so you can cheat it into play. It also has a slight delay in destruction. Use those facts to your advantage. Cards like Sneak Attack would have an interesting interaction here.

  45. End Hostilities

    Few cards at 5 mana board wipe both creatures and something else at the same time. You get the incremental benefit of hitting all auras and equipped equipments.

  46. Fumigate

    With a big board state, Fumigate can gain a ton of life. That can be useful in a "fair" Commander game where infinite combos aren't abundant.

  47. Decree of Pain

    This is double the cost of your typical board wipe, but will draw you a ton of cards. You can also cycle it for 5 if needed and kill most tokens.

  48. Black Sun’s Zenith

    Black Sun’s Zenith is a great X mana board wipe. Unlike Red X wipes, the -X counters will stick on for future turns and will kill indestructible cards. Plus, you can never deck yourself and can draw it again.

  49. Mass Calcify

    If your willing to pay a ton of mana to keep your White creatures alive, this might be the board wipe for you. Also useful in team-based Commander games, if your teammates are in White.

  50. Fault Line

    Fault Line is your typical X board wipe in Red. It doesn't hit flying creatures, but it will deal damage to each player, potentially for the win.

  51. Winds of Rath

    What a weird and interesting mass removal spell. If you run a few aura's or have an aura based deck, this board wipe is fantastic. It's one of the most mana efficient 1 sided board wipes you can run.

  52. In Garruk’s Wake

    If you want to keep your permanents around and have the mana, this is the board wipe for you.

  53. Martial Coup

    Another board wipe that can win the game.

  54. Boompile

    Boompile is underrated and possible one of the best attack deterrents. Unlike Oblivion Stone, you can activate this the turn you play it for 4 mana, instead of 8. Also, if you give this indestructible, it can be pretty funny.

  55. Citywide Bust

    Run this in your low to the ground aggro or tokens deck. Could also be good in a Boros deck where your creatures have high power, but low toughness.

  56. Crux of Fate

    There is a tendency to see Dragon's played in Commander, so this can be a niche removal spell for them. Alternatively, you can run this with your own Dragons for a one-sided board wipe.

  57. Deadly Tempest

    This can deal a lot of damage in some games. Pretty decent overall.

  58. Desolation Giant

    You pay 2 more mana to end up with a 3/3 and the flexibility of playing a 3/3 for 4 mana on occasion. 

  59. Devastation

    Jokulhaups is better, but why not run both?

  60. Elspeth, Sun’s Champion

    Since she is a Planeswalker, you get recurring effects, which is sweet. She can destroy most of the threats on the battlefield with ease. And if there aren't any, you can make 1/1s.

  61. Extinguish All Hope

    A niche board wipe if you run enchantment creatures.


  62. Fell the Mighty

    The lowest power creature will survive this. If you have an army of 1/1 tokens, which you may from running White, you could use this to kill everything with power 2 or more.

  63. Hellfire

    Hellfire will deal a ton of damage to you, so you need a really good reason to run it. Perhaps combo it with Purity or something similar.

  64. Hour of Reckoning

    Another mass removal perfect for your token based deck. Convoke makes it a lot easier to cast than other niche removal.

  65. Hour of Revelation

    This is a sleeper card. Really good in a multiplayer Commander game. Most of the time this is only going to cost you 3 White mana to wipe the entire board.

  66. Kindred Dominance

    Could be good in a tribal deck, but 7 mana is quite a lot.

  67. March of Souls

    An interesting board wipe that gives players 1/1 flyers for each creature destroyed.

  68. Mogg Infestation

    Mogg Infestation is a very mana efficient one-sided board wipe. You could use it on yourself to create tokens. Red doesn't have much mana-efficient mass removal, so this could be an option for you.

  69. Oblivion Stone

    Oblivion Stone is one of my all-time favorite board wipes. I remember when it rotated from Standard and crashed in value from $10+ to only $1. I ended up buying about 30 of them, which was one of my better MTG card investments. Needless to say, it has become a classic since and reprinted quite a bit. Oblivion Stone is one of the most mana-efficient board wipes. It also lets you strategically save your own permanents. I recommend any control based deck run at least one of these. I've always found it useful.

  70. Novablast Wurm

    Destroying all other creatures every turn is pretty devastating. This is one of the most powerful creatures in the game.  Equip it with Lightning Greaves, or give it indestructible and hexproof to really mess with your opponent.

  71. Overwhelming Forces

    Targeted mass removal that also draws cards. Good for a ramp-deck that can build up to this then replace their hand.

  72. Phyrexian Rebirth

    Phyrexian Rebirth can make a pretty big creature for only 2 mana more than Wrath of God.

  73. Phyrexian Scriptures

    One of the lowest CMC niche board wipes. Run this in your artifact deck. It also exiles cards in graveyards, which is very relevant. On the downside, it takes a turn to wipe the board, which lets opponents attack you or bounce it back to your hand.

  74. Planar Collapse

    For only 2 mana, Planar Collapse can wipe the entire board. I run this in my enchantment based deck. Pretty good in a multiplayer game if you want to destroy everything and keep mana open.

  75. Planar Outburst

    If for some reason you have turned your creatures into lands, this lets them survive when you wipe the board.

  76. Realm-Cloaked Giant

    Realm-Cloaked Giant is better than most other creature creating removal because it can be cast at 5 mana (rather than a higher-initial cost), then re-cast again later at 7 mana. 

  77. Reiver Demon

    I love the art on Reiver Demon. It works well with ramp cards that let you naturally cast it from your hand. Since it is a creature, you can combo it with cards like Sunken Hope to get the casting trigger again.

  78. Retribution of the Meek

    Destroy all the big stuff for only 3 mana with Retribution of the Meek. It only has one colored mana, so it is a pretty easy splash.

  79. Righteous Fury

    It's like Sunblast Angel, but gains you life instead of having a blinkable creature.

  80. Ritual of Soot

    I'd run Damnation, Toxic Deluge, and other Black mass removal first. If you still need more, consider Ritual of Soot.

  81. Rout

    Five mana is usually on time to destroy the board before you die to lethal. Having the option of playing this at instant speed is pretty useful, especially in a multiplayer game, where you may want to wait until you are attacked to destroy everything.

  82. Scourglass

    Amazing in an artifact-based deck. Even in a non-artifact deck, this hits Planeswalkers, Enchantments, and other pesky permanents, all for only 5 mana. I'd run this with a healthy share of mana rocks.

  83. Shatter the Sky

    Shatter is often going to draw opponent's cards, which is not something you want to happen. I'd advise running Wrath of God, Day of Judgment, and other 4 CMC board wipe before you run this.

  84. Soulscour

    Soulscour is one of the most costly board wipes you can play in MTG. You can do a lot better for 10, as evidenced by the other cards on this list. I suppose if you have some huge mana combo that involves artifacts, you could try this.

  85. Solar Tide

    I'd run Austere Command first, it's basically a Solar Tide with more options.

  86. Sunscour

    You can destroy all creatures for 0 mana, which is pretty great. Might be a good card to tutor up if you need to wipe everything but don't have the mana. Works well with card advantage cards like Squadron Hawk.

  87. Wakening Sun's Avatar

    Essentially, you can pay 4 more mana than normal to get a 7/7. I like Realm Cloaked-Giant a bit more since you can cast it for 5 mana and play the creature later.

  88. Aligned Hedron Network

    A unique and interesting colorless board wipe. It exiles, which is strong, but only hits powerful cards. Aligned HEdron Network is a reasonable board wipe that fits into any aggro deck.

  89. Descend upon the Sinful

    Descend is one of the best value board wipes you can play. You get to exile everything, which means no graveyard recursion or indestructible shenanigans. You also get a 4/4 angel which is very respectable.

  90. Dimensional Breach

    For 7 mana you can remove all permanents from the game. That's pretty fun. 

  91. False Prophet

    Wow, that flavor text. Anyway, it's a 4 mana way to exile all creatures. Pair this with a way to sacrifice permanent's at instant speed, and you have a powerful mass removal. Also, works well if you can bring it back from your graveyard to play.

  92. Ugin, the Spirit Dragon

    Compatible with any Commander, Ugin gives you a way to exile most non-land permanents. Just be aware, that there are a fair amount of colorless cards in Commander games, so you might be losing to a Blightsteel Colossus next turn.

  93. Living End

    Living End not only wipes the board, it reanimates the juicy cards you have put into your graveyard. This is a build-around board removal.

  94. Living Death

    The better version of Living End, since your opponent doesn't see it coming.

  95. Play of the Game

    Pretty good in a team-based Commander game, since you can effectively play this on turn 4 to wipe the board. It's better than it looks.

  96. River’s Rebuke

    I would only run this in 1 v 1 Commander, as you can only return target players cards back to their hand.

  97. Soulquake

    Soulquake has the odd ability to return all creature cards in graveyards to their owners hands. You could combo this with ETB creatures from yourself or teammates.

  98. Whelming Wave

    Perfect blue bounce card if you are running any of the stated creature types. Also works with Changelings.

  99. Worldpurge

    I love cards that reset the board completely. Worldpurge does that for 8 mana. Use this with blink effects that resolve at the end of turn.

  100. Dead of Winter

    Three mana board wipe that gets rid of indestructible creatures. Just make sure you run plenty of snow lands.

  101. Mutilate

    Works well with Urborg. Another great Black mass removal spell. You need to run mostly Swamps for this to be effective.

  102. Urza’s Ruinous Blast

    Run this with Legendary permanent's like Mox Opal or Mox Amber and get some value after board wiping.

  103. Coastal Breach

    It may not be Cyclonic Rift, but it gets the job done. With 3 opponents, you can return everything to their owners hand for only 4 mana.

  104. Displacement Wave

    Late game you can bounce the board and early game you can bounce a lot of mana-dorks and artifact rocks.

  105. Flood of Tears

    Flood of Tears is a great way to cheat in a big threat while setting your opponents back.

  106. Finale of Eternity

    You will often get a two for one with Finale early, and it is even better late game.

  107. Engulf the Shore

    Engulf costs 1 less than evacuation. For that mana, you get to keep your own creatures in play, but you need to run mostly islands to be effective.

  108. Child of Alara

    Child of Alara provides some sweet recurring permanent destruction. Combo this with a sacrifice outlet.

  109. Dread Cacodemon

    Similar to Reiver Demon. This costs more mana and can destroy black creatures and artifact creatures.

  110. Magus of the Disk

    This is Nevinyraal's Disk on a stick. Being an artifact instead of a creature, and colorless instead of white, make Nevrinyraal's Disk better under most situations.

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