30 Best Colorless Utility Lands To Improve Your Magic: The Gathering Commander Deck

Credit: Wizards of the Coast

Credit: Wizards of the Coast

Looking to add some spice to your Commander deck? Lands are often underlooked and also one of the easiest ways to add variety to your deck without messing with your core strategy. Today we are going to take a lot at some of the more powerful, underrated, or niche land cards you can consider adding to your Commander deck.Here are 30 Colorless Utility Lands To Improve Your Commander Deck:

  1. Reliquary Tower

    If you’re running a deck with card draw such as Rhystic Study, you should highly consider this card. Any blue deck can benefit from Reliquary Tower. Especially if you are biding your time and often not playing cards.

  2. Temple of the False God

    This is one of my favorite budget mana accelerator lands. You do often get screwed with this card when you fail to draw that fifth land, so only run this if you are already running a good proportion of land cards.

  3. Rogue’s Passage

    Rogue’s Passage has won me an insane amount of games. I love running this in my mono-green Omnath deck. A lot of times my huge green creatures without trample can’t get the job done because of blockers. Rogue’s Passage solves that dilemma and crushes stalemates.

  4. Ancient Tomb

    If you can afford it, and hopefully you can now that it has been reprinted, Ancient Tomb is a must include in any deck. Playing a signet on turn 1 is huge.

  5. Strip Mine

    Ok, nobody likes land destruction, but you have to admit Strip Mine is a powerful card that can give you two for ones against bounce lands and deal with pesky land combos.

  6. Wasteland

    See Strip Mine.

  7. Vesuva

    Sure it comes into play tapped, but it becomes a copy of the best land on the battlefield. If you just need a colored source, grab that color. In a multiplayer game, this card is an amazing land.

  8. Darksteel Citadel

    Darksteel Citadel isn’t at the top of my list, and I really only suggest running it if you are running a deck with land destruction. Having that extra land after destroying all lands in play can give you the head start you need to finish the game.

  9. Cascading Cataracts

    Even better than Darksteel Citadel in most situations. If you’re running a 5 color deck, the mana fixing is a nice bonus.

  10. High Market

    What I like about this card is it is zero cost to sacrifice a creature. If you run cards that gain control of opponent’s creatures, you can use this to destroy it at end of turn. You can also use it in response to removal to gain life and even to prevent opponents from gaining control of your creatures.

  11. Arch of Orazca

    Arch is going to be a staple for years to come. Lands that draw cards are almost always playable in Commander, and Arch is no exception. Even in a long game, Mono-Blue can trigger Arch, given you are running enchantments to boost your permanent count.

  12. Blast Zone

    Blast Zone is really one of the most underrated Commander lands. There’s so many pesky 1 mana permanents, be it Pithing Needle, Skullclamp, Sol Ring, etc… Once you add some counters and get it up to 3, you can destroy Swords and most equipments and enchantments. Blast Zone is the most powerful colorless land that functions as a removal spell. It’s the Engineered Explosives of lands. Run it and you won’t be disappointed.

  13. Boseiju, Who Shelters All

    I pulled this card in one of my first MTG pre-releases, so I might be a bit biased, but Boseiju is great for decks that run a lot of non-creature spells. Nothing feels as good as casting a game-breaking spell combined with Boseiju to prevent counterspells.

  14. Maze of Ith

    Ok, how many of you actually run Maze of Ith? How many of you have played against Maze of Ith and found it annoying? It’s extremely annoying! That’s why you should run it. Even if you’re mana screwed, I’d often prefer drawing a Maze of Ith to a normal land.

  15. Crystal Vein

    This card is powerful in the right deck. I’d run this in a 1 v 1 Commander deck that tries to go off early. Two additional mana on turn two can be pretty devastating if you have the right cards. Playing a turn 3 Bribery is something that usually ends the game, and a card like this can make that happen.

  16. Detection Tower

    I’d only run Detection Tower in multiplayer. There’s always someone who runs plenty of hexproof creatures, and this gets around it. The only downside is it doesn’t deal with shroud.

  17. Glacial Chasm

    Talk about a powerful effect! All damage dealt to you is reduced to 0! It’s a great way to survive until you combo out. You can always run a card that let’s you sacrifice a permanent to get around the cumulative upkeep cost. Or hey, run a card that lets you skip your upkeep step for combo shenanigans.

  18. Gemstone Caverns

    In a Multiplayer game, you basically get to start off with an extra land. That’s good tempo advantage. Discarding a card is a bit of a drawback though, so better for a deck that wants to ramp quick for good stuff or has lots of draw.

  19. Gemstone Mine

    If you’re running a 5 color deck, having a guaranteed source of 1 color is a good deal. There’s also a feel combos you can use with sacrificing lands or lands in graveyards you can pair this with.

  20. City of Brass

    You’ve heard of this card. It’s a great mana fixer. Consider it.

  21. Tarnished Citadel

    City of Brass with a huge penalty. Only use this if you really need the mana fixing. Otherwise, you can combo it with cards like Purity.

  22. Field of the Dead

    Field may be out of Standard, but it’s still a great card for Commander. Once you hit seven lands, all your other lands create 2/2 zombies. That’s a great deal! This is Urza’s Factory on steroids!

  23. Karn’s Bastion

    Karn’s Bastion is a really narrow card. You only want to run this in a deck that uses counters or has a fair amount of planeswalkers.

  24. Tectonic Edge

    If you’re already running Strip Mine and Wasteland, Tectonic Edge is your next best option.

  25. Ghost Quarter

    Same idea as Tectonic Edge. It does have the upside of hitting your own land, such as your own Glacial Chasm and netting you a basic land in the process.

  26. Field of Ruin

    Yay, more Land destruction and fixing!

  27. Homeward Path

    An essential card in multiplayer. Stops all kind of shenanigans at the cost of one colored land slot. Just remember not to activate this when you have gained control of your opponents creatures.

  28. Add to Deck Buried Ruin

    A great utility card. Brings back essentials such as Oblivion Stone to buy you extra time. It’s a Commander staple.

  29. Cavern of Souls

    I run Cavern of Souls in most of my creature decks. It's just a good way around counterspells for that must cast creature.

  30. Deserted Temple

    You need a very specific reason to run Deserted Temple. It pairs well with enchanted lands or lands that have a powerful effect you want to duplicate.

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